Cars 3 English and Hindi Dual Audio 300MB 480P


Cars 3 English and Hindi Dual Audio 300MB 480P

Cars 3 is a film American of animation by computer in 3D , produced by Pixar Animation Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures . It is the third installment of the Cars franchise. It is directed by Brian Fee , graphic animator of the script in the first two films of the franchise, Cars (2006) Cars 2 (2011) 1 The film was released on June 16, 2017 (United States).

After JackStorm ( Armie Hammer ) designed a new high – tech corridor, reaches the track, the audience wonders when will retire now experienced veteran and champion seven Cups piston, Lightning McQueen ( Owen Wilson ). It wants to prove he still does not need to retire, but after his last race of the season, a heavy accident on the track (which almost cost him his life) puts the Lightning McQueen the edge of his impending retirement of racing forever however Cruz Ramirez ( Cristela Alonzo ), a Spanish trainer brokers, McQueen wants to show that you can still continue to compete and teach him not to surrender to Jackson Storm and help him in his challenge to continue racing.

As the season Piston Cup progresses, Lightning McQueen, now a legend of winning races seven Cups Piston, is eclipsed like their riders colleagues by the appearance of Jackson Storm, a rookie and arrogant broker belonging to a new generation of riders who use the latest technology to improve performance. McQueen fellow veterans as the season progresses and lose repeatedly to Storm, begin to withdraw from the race or just get fired by their sponsors, to be replaced by runners of the new generation. During the last race of the season; while trying to catch up with the other drivers and even Storm, McQueen loses control and suffers a violent clash on the track.

Four months later, while recovering in Radiator Springs, Lightning McQueen with his first paint job looks recordings of the accident that ended the career of his mentor deceased, Doc Hudson. He tells his girlfriend, Sally Carrera, who does not want to be forced to retire as it was Doc and decides to start training again, looking for ways to regain his glory and not surrender to Jackson Storm.

Rusty and Dusty, owners Rust-eze, the McQueen racing team, send it to the center recently opened races to his surprise. When he arrives, he learns that Rust-eze had sold to its new owner Sterling, who assigns him to work with Spanish coach brokers Cruz Ramirez. McQueen will eventually becomes impatient and annoyed with methods Cruz and tries to use a racing simulator high-tech, but this not being used to the new Conclude system causing serious damage to the equipment.

Convinced that Ray is no longer able to win, Sterling is ready to remove it from the race track and use it to promote products. McQueen offers instead a deal: if he wins the last race of the season in Florida, can continue running at discretion; otherwise if you lose, you will retire immediately from racing. Sterling accept the agreement and send Cruz to work with him face to face at a nearby beach.

Instead of improving their own maximum speed to overcome the Storm, Lightning spends most of the day helping Cruz to get used to running on the sandy coast outside the training center. For inspiration, they travel to a dirt track in running Doc but inadvertently end up competing in a demolition derby, which cross at the end wins, leading to Rayo be humiliated on national television. When he gets angry with her for wasting time and accidentally breaks his trophy, Cross reveals that disappoints and had always wanted to run professionally when he was young, but never started a race because he felt much less than the other cars. Then he goes to take the journey back to the training center on their own.

After seeing an article about the new speed record Storm, Lightning calls his best friend, Matt, to ask for advice. Mate suggests that tracks Smokey, mentor Doc. McQueen takes Cruz and both travel to Thomasville’s hometown of Doc, where they find Smokey and several old friends of Doc. Accepting the fact that it is no longer the corridor was once, allowing them to teach methods to outwit Storm rather than trying to beat him with pure speed. Smokey reveals that although Doc never raced again after his accident, found a new happiness training Rayo. During a practice last race, McQueen remembers his accident and loses Cruz, who had been taking some lessons Smokey seriously.

In the race in Florida, Ray was surprised to see Smokey and old friends of Doc encouragingly, despite having fallen behind runners new generation. Having spent several laps, Sterling sees Cruz and ordered him to return to the training center. McQueen calls to return to the track, makes his pit crew to run the equipe and gives him her number so you can take your place. Using both Smokey tips like hers, Ray Cruz guide through competitors until she is second behind Storm. On the last lap, Storm Cruz pushes toward the wall, but she dodges him with one of the old techniques of Doc and falls in front of him to win the race for excitement McQueen.

Later in Radiator Springs, Lightning and Cross mounted an exhibition race for his friends. Adopt the old colors of race and the number of Doc, respectively, to honor his memory. Later it is revealed that Tex Dinoco Rust-eze bought Sterling and Ray decides to continue running and train Cruz too.

In one scene after the credits, Mate is working in his field, and when his cell phone rings, inadvertently pulls its antenna, and the phone is dying, to his dismay.

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Cars 3 English and Hindi Dual Audio 300MB 480P

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