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Big Hero 6 ( Great Heroes in Latin and ‘ Big Hero 6 in Spain ) is an animated film of superheroes produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios based on the comic Big Hero 6 of Marvel Comics . The film is directed by Don Hall, co – director of Winnie the Pooh , along with Chris Williams, co – director of Bolt , produced by Roy Conli producer Tangled , The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Treasure Planet . It is the animated classic number 54 ofWalt Disney and the first production of Disney animation featuring characters from Marvel since the acquisition of Marvel in 2009. On 22 February 2015, won the Oscar for best animated feature.

Hiro Hamada is a 14 year old orphan who lives with his older brother Tadashi and his aunt Cass in the fictional city of San Fransokyo. Hiro graduated from high school at age 13 and is now only interested in fighting robots that even if you win, are illegal and always ends up in trouble with the law. One day his brother shows his greatest invention: Baymax a robot nurse adorable look set to help people as he wanted. Hiro then known to friends of his brother, the genius of Chemical Honey Lemon and rue and fast Go Go Tomago, the ordered Wasabi and Fred comics lover, in addition also professor Tadashi, Professor Callaghan.

Hiro changes its look to use his genius now to enter the Institute of San Fransokyo (University of Tadashi) Technology, Tadashi suggests Hiro submit a project for the science fair, Hiro at first he can not think of anything but Tadashi tells that “look for another approach” and so Hiro finally creates the Microbots, telepathically controlled robots tiny neurocraneal with transmitter in the head.

Day science fair for new entrants, Hiro wins with his show and the millionaire Allistair Krei offers you your project to revolutionize technology and science while, but even old Professor Callaghan warns Hiro not sell it and he refuses to Krei. Try to hold out, but a sudden fire is created in the Institute Callaghan he caught and Tadashi tries to rescue him but the place explodes destroying Microbots Hiro and apparently killing Callaghan and Tadashi.

They spend a few weeks and Hiro is depressed and neither his friends nor his aunt can help, but when you drop a piece of a robot who had armed in his foot and screams, Baymax is activated and helps Hiro and tells him that only disabled when Hiro says he is satisfied with your care. Hiro notes that one of his Microbots still active and jokingly tells Baymax to find out where he tries to go the Microbot, but mistakenly Baymax take it literally and it does, to what Hiro begins a long chase until a winery and are abandoned with Hiro Microbots following the orders of a masked man with a mask Kabuki who attacks them and they manage to escape through a window.

At home, seeing that the police can not help and the man Kabukihas the Microbots, he believes that he started the fire and killed Tadashi and Callaghan, but Baymax sees that Hiro is still depressed, so download and calls to friends Hiro to help a program of emotional support, as this will Download second chip (the first is the one with the original programming Tadashi) containing martial to make it more able to find the suspect well equipped with armor arts. Baymax and Hiro follow the Microbot to a pier where Microbot going to find the suspect of kabuki, mask Baymax and Hiro hiding behind a container parked at the dock, at that moment Hiro’s friends arrive; so the suspect surprises and attacks, after masking the chase Hiro and others manage to escape.

The boys reach the million dollar home of Fred and deduce that the man Kabukiis Allistair Krei, who to avenge Hiro stole the Microbots creating the fire, so Hiro decides to equip their friends with armor and based on their talent costumes and train in Ila way as unmask controlling the Microbot to that man. Baymax have scanned the man turned and Hiro equips him with rocket boots to scan the entire city and find a match, which is located on an island outside the city. Hiro and his friends come to her and find recordings of an experiment between the Government and Krei on a teleporter sending matter through space, and as proof sent to a pilot who apparently disintegrates into a fault and one of the teleporters explodes saw this a copy of the recordings are kept, but the masked man are surprised, This group fighting to remove the mask; finally Hiro manages to do it, revealing that it was not Krei but the deceased course Professor Callaghan, who tells Hiro that during the fire took his Microbots to save himself and escape from there, leaving die Tadashi, claiming that the death of Tadashi’s fault Tadashi thereof and not his. This wrathful Hiro, who takes away the chip Tadashi a Baymax, causing no limits to destroy Callaghan, but friends of Hiro instructions involved and try to stop Baymax, Lemon finds chip Tadashi and placed again , Baymax recovers the “sanity” apologizing for what happened and flee leaving Callaghan. Hiro decides to go mad with Baymax, leaving his friends in that distant island, while Hiro and Baymax fly,

The boys are back in town in a helicopter Fred, they meet Hiro and six analyze the video, in doing so realize that the test driver teleporter was the daughter of Callaghan, inferring that he will do anything to Krei destroy. In that instant is held an exhibition of Krei Tech, which Callaghan takes the opportunity to attack him, raising about coorporativo building companies Krei with the help of Microbots, the other portal errors left over from the explosion and try to take Allistair company there with his owner. The boys arrive on the scene and try to reason with Callaghan, but he infuriates and inmovilza with Microbots in that Hiro sees the perspective from another angleand invite your friends to do the same out of other ingenious ways. Hiro and Baymax distract Callaghan to launch the attack all Microbots the portal without noticing that in this way be absorbed into another dimension; still they manage to beat him, then try to shut down the portal, but he was already in critical condition.

In that, Baymax detects signs of life from someone female somewhere within the portal, deducing Hiro is Abigail, the daughter of Callaghan and next to delve Baymax to try to rescue her. After flying within the portal, they manage to find her unconscious in his capsule and take it to the exit portal, but Baymax realizes that going to hit a large piece of debris and stands. The collision destroyed part of his armor, including propellants. Baymax then sadly says goodbye Hiro and uses his fist to drive them out and decides to sacrifice. Driven to leave, Hiro off to Baymax saying they are satisfied with their care. With Callaghan’s daughter they manage to leave just before the collapse site. Police arrest while Callaghan and can see how her daughter is taken by paramedics. The five young people become a team of friends and superheroes, but still miss a Baymax until Hiro finds the chip programming and memory Baymax this left him in the propellant fist and rebuilds the body Baymax with the same design as the his brother’s. Thus, the 6 heroes friends decide to become a team callingBig Hero 6 .

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