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Bambi 2 Full Movie

Story (Bambi 2 Full Movie)

In the winter forest dusk falls. Bambi is left without a mother trying in vain to find her mother and instead meets the Grand Duke. His taciturn father gives him to understand that his mother did not come back. Exhausted deer with his father returns home. But it seems that the Grand Duke can not permanently take on parental responsibilities. He asks others to spring Filina to find Bambi a new foster mother, but until then still agrees to look after her son.

Bambi 2 Full Movie Continues as The first morning with no luck – the little fawn does not afford everywhere to follow his father. Grand Duke decides to leave Bambi with his old friends – and a little hare Stomper skunk Flower. Together they go on holiday Groundhog where Bambi meets an old friend again fawn Falin. Groundhog holiday breaks suddenly appeared Ronno – boastful and not very friendly deer teenager. Trying to attract attention, he tells the others that he (man) is trying to hunt forest dwellers in increasingly sophisticated ways. But it seems his story no one takes seriously, and resentful Ronno tears anger at unsuspecting Bambi.

Bambi 2 Movie

Failed holiday ends and the inhabitants of the forest to their homes. Bambi was just left without a mother and father abandoned, left alone. In despair, he wanders through the woods and in the end, tired, falls asleep under a tree. Bambi dreams of summer and their dead mother convinces him that even if he can not be with her, they will always be together. Her last words – “I’m here …” Bambi wakes up, and what he hears? – “I’m here … answer me …” – beckons Bambi’s familiar voice. Is mom back? Bambi’s quest leads to that same meadow, where at one time he shot his mother. Hope and curiosity prevail over common sense, and Bambi emerges from the forest into the open. Exposed the terrible truth – the story was not fiction Ronno and alluring voice is nothing more than another ploy as his bloodthirsty.

Bambi 2 Full Movie Cast

  • Patrick Stewart: The Great Prince
  • Alexander Gould: Bambi
  • Keith Ferguson: Friend Owl
  • Brendon Baerg: Thumper (Pan-Pan)
  • Nicky Jones: Flower
  • Andrea Bowen: Faline (Feline) 1
  • Anthony Ghannam: Ronno
  • Makenna Cowgill, Emma Rose Lima, Ariel Winter: Thumper’s Sisters
  • Brian Pimental: Groundhog (Marmot) / Porcupine (Porcupine)
  • Carolyn Hennesy as Bambi’s Mother
  • Cree Summer: Mena (Mina)

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Bambi 2 Full Movie

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Language: English & Hindi (Dual Audio)

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