Asterix Conquers America Dual Audio HD 720P


Asterix Conquers America Dual Audio HD 720P

Asterix and the Indians ( Asterix Conquers America in English) is a Franco – German animated film directed by Gerhard Hahn and released in 1994 .

The film is an adaptation of the album of comics and the Great Crossing ( 1975 ), but the script was overhauled (more than previous animated films).

This is the only film in the Asterix series not to have been produced in France .

The Roman legion has been humiliated once more by the irreducible Gauls. It is too much for the great Caesar who instructs the infamous Tumullus to capture Getafix and send him across the seas, far to the west, to fall into the void. Indeed, they think then the flat Earth. Meanwhile, Getafix has trouble: because of a fight, almost all the magic potion he had prepared spread on the ground. He must go and gather the necessary plants to remake, and charge Asterix and Obelix to go fishing for fresh fish , another essential ingredient. Only Tumullus, disguised as a Gaulish druid, and his henchmen capture him, take him aboard a Roman galley and depart towards the end of the world.

They do not succeed in preventing the Romans from catapulting Panoramix beyond the “end of the world” hidden behind a cliff. Believing that he had succeeded, Tumullus left for Gaul. Meanwhile, Asterix, Obelix and Idéfix climb the cliff and discover that the world does not stop there. They discover a country hitherto unknown or almost. Panoramix designates it as the “secret country of the Indus” whose inhabitants are American Indians. It’s actually about America. The Gauls find Panoramix in the hands of a tribe of Indians with whom they end up sympathizing. Obelix meets a beautiful Indian girl and falls in love with her (and vice versa). But, the wizard removes Getafix and tries to get him the recipe for the potion before Asterix saves the druid.

The three Gauls must now leave as soon as possible for the village deprived of potion and besieged by the Romans. When they arrive, they discover the deserted and burnt village. All that remains is Assurancetourix tied up. The latter explains that the villagers are prisoners in a Roman camp to be delivered to the lions in the arena of Rome. Asterix and Obelix, disguised as legionaries, infiltrate the camp and give their friends the magic potion hidden in the two amphoras that allows them to break free and shave the camp. Caesar manages to escape by hiding in a barrel , Tumullus is apparently swallowed by the pantherblack of Caesar. The Gauls rebuild the village and organize their usual banquet by telling the exploits of Asterix, Obelix and Getafix in America and singing the song of the Indian tribe that all the convents take in chorus.

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Asterix Conquers America Dual Audio HD 720P

Movie Quality : 720P

Movie Size : 685 MB

Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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