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A Monster in Paris is a feature of animated French directed by Bibo Bergeron, released in France on 12 October 2011 It’s a cartoon CGI also using the technique of embossed film.
The plot takes place in Paris during the flood of the Seine from 1910. Emile, a shy projectionist theater, a passion for filming and is in love with his collaborator Maud, whom he dare not confess, however its feelings. Emile has friend Raoul, a deliveryman and inventor exuberant, moving in a jalopy encased improbable crafts and called Catherine. Raoul has the childhood friend of Lucille, a singer cabaret happens at “L’Oiseau rare.” Lucille is successful and aunt did everything to push it into the arms of the police chief Maynott, rich and powerful man, but devoured by pride and ambition.
One evening, Raoul, accompanied by Émile, will make a delivery in the greenhouse of the Botanical Garden. In the absence of the teacher who works there, the place is guarded by his deputy, a trained monkey named Charles. Ravi this opportunity to snoop in the laboratory of Professor Raoul triggers strange incidents: a mixture gives Charles a voice of opera singer, a volatile fertilizer grows at a glance a giant sunflower under the camera to Émile. But suddenly an explosion occurs. Everyone unharmed but Emile is convinced he glimpsed a monstrous creature. Some days later, terrified by reading the testimonies reported by the newspapers, the two friends understand with horror that the creature exists, and they are responsible for its appearance.
The Maynott prefect says the police officer investigating Pâté but purposely maintains fear in the population in order to put himself forward as a providential man and win the next municipal elections. At the same time, he unsuccessfully tries to seduce Lucille. Lucille, meanwhile, unsuccessfully looking for a new musician to assist. One evening she refuses Albert’s candidacy, which is server “L’Oiseau rare.” Albert, exiting through the back door, sees the monster and tries to flee back inside the tavern, then fled terrified. Lucille, opening the door, sees the monster hidden by a coat and a hat abandoned by a passerby horrified. Seeing his true, Lucille was first a reaction of horror; then she hears the monster sing and realizes not only that it is not dangerous but it has an extraordinary voice. She welcomes the monster in his dressing room, and baptize Francoeur, the name of the street where she found it. Francoeur is simply a chip as unstable laboratory fertilizers did grow to a human scale. The “monster” ends up on stage by chance when Lucille number, but it proves to be a singer and an extraordinary musician and the duo won a resounding success.
Unfortunately, a few days later, the police Pâté up light on the origins of the monster. Emile and Raoul are arrested and brought before the prefect, but this one, with their monstrous creation has served the interests, decides to reward and awards them the Legion of Honor. Raoul can then invite them to “The rare bird,” Lucille him having promised him defiantly book the best table on the day he would receive the Legion of Honor. Lucille puts Emile and Raoul in the secret of the true identity of Francoeur. But the prefect warned by Albert, just search the tavern in search of the monster. Francoeur, Emile and Raoul escaped narrowly. Some days later, the prefect Maynott inaugurates the Montmartre funicular, which should serve the Montmartre and the Sacred Heart Basilica. The three friends, accompanied by Charles monkey decided to take the opportunity to stage the death of the monster retracting through a hatch. But the prefect Maynott discovers the deception and decides she has to kill the monster himself. A frantic chase is committed to Montmartre and the streets of Paris and the Seine in flood. It leads the opponents, by foot, cable car, then by car and airship, to the top of the Eiffel Tower. Meanwhile, Maud, whom Emile had finally had the courage to give a date, also went there. After many twists and turns, the prefect, insane megalomania and anger, was arrested by police Pâté, integrates more than him. Émile and Maud fall into the arms of one another. But during the confrontation, the effects of the mixture of the professor have dissipated gradually and Francoeur, resuming its original size, disappears. Everyone believed dead, killed by Maynott.
The evening at “The rare bird,” Lucille is inconsolable after the death of Francoeur. Raoul convinces her to sing all the same; while barely sing her song, she heard a voice humming in his ear: it’s Francoeur, hidden in her hair, which always sings. Some time later, Professor Jardin des Plantes back from trip, and when the three friends explain the situation to him, he reconstructs the mixture able to give back to a human scale Francoeur: Francoeur can continue singing with Lucille. Soon after, Raoul and Lucille confess their mutual feelings. Pâté, meanwhile, becomes the new prefect of Paris and seduced Aunt Lucille.
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