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The Powerpuff Girls Movie is an American animated film of Cartoon Network Studios and Warner Bros. Pictures , based on the cartoon series The Powerpuff Girls . The film is a prequel to the series. The film tells how the girls became superheroes and how Mojo Jojo became their archenemy.

Townsville is a city where criminals get away with whatever they want. The citizens can not do anything about it. But scientist Professor Utonium has an idea to make the city a better place. One night he tries to create the “perfect little girls” with a mix of sugar, pepper and other ingredients.

While working on them, his pet, the chimpanzee Jojo , a weird substance called chemical X , spills into the mix and onto himself. The professor ends the creation of the three girls he calls Blossom , Bubbles and Buttercup .

As a result of the involuntary addition of chemical X to the mixture, the three girls have superpowers. Although they go different ways, the girls and the professor are like a family. When the girls first go to school, things get out of control. The girls realize that when they play catch , their game becomes violent. A large part of the city is badly damaged. That night, the professor advises the girls to hide their powers from the public, explaining that people find it hard to understand that they are special.

The next day the professor is arrested for the creation of the girls. The girls themselves are treated by the residents as outcasts because of the severe damage they have caused in the city. The girls try to get home on foot that evening, but they are lost in an alley. There they come across Jojo, whose brain has been mutated by the chemical X and who now lives as a homeless person on the street. They all tell each other how they are hated for their powers. Then Jojo tells them that working together as a Team Townsville could make them a better place. In truth, he plans to take over the rule in the city with the help of mutant monkeys.

He convinces the three girls to build a laboratory on a volcano for him. Jojo allegedly takes her as a reward to the zoo. But at the same time he puts his evil plan into action there. In the zoo he provides the monkeys with transponders to transport them to his laboratory. At night, Jojo brings her to the lab and mutates the primates.

The same night, the professor is released from custody. The following day, the girls want to show the professor the city that Jojo promised to make her a better place. However, the mutant primates created by Jojo cause nothing but chaos in the city. Jojo now renames himself into Mojo Jojo. Since Jojo explains that the three girls helped him with his plan, everyone, including the professor, turns away from the girls. Out of fear, the girls flee into space. As Mojo Jojo announces his plan to rise to the king, he encounters difficulties, as well as the mutant primates created by him pursue this plan.

In space, the girls hear how Mojo Jojo and his mutant primates are bullying the townspeople. They therefore return to earth. They realize that they can use their powers to fight evil and begin the fight against Mojo Jojo and his army of primates. They attack Mojo Jojo, who caught the professor. But suddenly Mojo Jojo injects a large amount of the chemical X and grows into a giant monster. It starts a fight between the girls and Mojo Jojo. Finally, the girls throw Mojo Jojo off a skyscraper after refusing his bid to rule Townsville with him. Mojo lands directly on an antidote to the chemical X that the professor has made and shrinks back to its normal size.

The girls now also decide to take the antidote so they lose their superpowers and be accepted as normal girls. But the citizens of Townsville stop them, apologize to the girls and praise them for saving the city. Since the girls have used their powers to protect the city from the evil, the mayor asks her to become the new defenders of the city. This makes the girls the powerpuff girls.

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