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Stand by Me Doraemon ( STAND BY MEドラえもん? ) Is a 3D movie computerized Japanese of anime of 2014 . [ 2 ] [ 3 ] The film was directed by Takashi Yamazaki and Ryūichi Yagi [ 4 ] and released on August 8 , 2014 in Japanese theaters. [ 5 ] [ 6 ] The film is a free adaptation of the first seven volumes of the manga and the thirty-fifth film based on the Doraemon franchisecreated byFujiko Fujio .

Nobita Nobi is in his fourth year and always receives weak notes due to his laziness and is always being bullied by his classmates Suneo Honekawa and Takeshi “Gigante” Goda. His twenty-second-century tetra-grandson ( 2136 ), Sewashi, who watches Nobita every day, travels to the Nobita’s timeline, bringing in his cosmic cat Doraemon. Sewashi reveals that if Nobita maintains his laziness, he will have a disastrous future: he will marry Giant’s sister, Jaiko, will have his private company burned down, and go bankrupt. To change that, he orders Doraemon to help Nobita by modifying Doraemon’s nose to prevent him from going back to the future unless Nobita has a better future.

Doraemon uses his inventions to help Nobita. Although Doraemon warns Nobita that he will not be too dependent on his gadgets, Nobita asks Doraemon if he can help him win his beloved Shizuka Minamoto and Doraemon reveals that Nobita will have to marry her if her future gets fixed. However, all his efforts ended up causing Shizuka to get closer to student Hidetoshi Dekisugi. Nobita’s attempt to be equal to Dekisugi is getting more difficult and futile and he decides to stop conquering Shizuka to make her happier. Shizuka thinks that Nobita is going to commit suicide, goes to his house and throws repellent in Nobita’s potion. And Doraemon reveals that it was the first step in the growing relationship between Nobita and Shizuka to eventually become a couple.

When seeing his older self reject Shizuka’s invitation to a mountain climb, Nobita disguises himself as his older self to help Shizuka. Her efforts to help Shizuka do more harm to herself, but it makes Shizuka feel that she has to accompany Nobita to say “yes” before fainting from the cold. Forcing themselves to recall the moment, the two are rescued by the older Nobita who recalled the memory. Nobita learns from her older self that Shizuka was responding to the proposal to marry him, which means that the two will marry indeed. After hearing that Shizuka’s father also accepted him as her daughter’s husband, Nobita and Doraemon return to the present timeline.

As the future of Nobita has changed for the better, Doraemon’s programming commands him to return to the future in 48 hours. Noting that the Doraemon has a hard time coming out due to his concern with Nobita, Nobita confronts and has a brutal fight with the Giant to prove he is able to defend himself without Doraemon. Seeing that Nobita refuses to give up, the Giant loses, and with Doraemon in tears takes him home before leaving in peace the next day. During the First of April, Nobita is deceived by the Giant that had said that Doraemon returned. In anger, he drinks a solution that Doraemon gave him that turns all lies into truth and vice versa. Finishing his revenge against the Suneo and the Giant, Nobita returns home, wailing that the Doraemon will never return. But by surprise, Doraemon suddenly returns because Nobita said that Doraemon would never return, still with the effects of the potion, being a lie. The two embrace and shout for joy.

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Movie Quality : 480P

Movie Size : 315 MB

Movie Language: Japanese and Hindi (Dual Audio)

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