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Kingdom of Ice (original in English: Frozen) is a film 3D for animation and musical produced by animation studio Walt Disney Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures . It is based on the fairy tale written by Hans Christian Andersen , The Snow Queen . It will be the 53 th feature film produced by studios Disney until 2013 .
The voices of the main characters in the original version is sung by Kristen Bell in the role of Anna, Idina Menzel, a legend of Broadway ‘s, the role of Elsa, the Snow Queen and the young Jonathan Groff who plays Kristoff; songs during the film will be interpreted by the same name, the film tells the story of a fearless princess who embarks on an epic journey with a climber ragged in search of adventure – the pet a reindeer loyal, and a snowman unhappy – to seek estranged sister, whose powers of ice kingdom caught in a winter dawn without end. Music Film and illustrations are inspired a lot of Norwegian culture and the Sami people . In this film appear princesses number # 12 and # 13, Franchise Disney Princesses , ie, Princesses Anna and Elsa.
“Frozen” narrative underwent several treatments over several years, before being commissioned in 2011, with the script written by Jenifer Lee , and Chris Buck , the two latter being the animation directors. Christophe Beck who worked at Disney animation awarded “Paperman”  was employed to compose orchestral film column, while the writers of songs, husband and wife Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez sketched songs.
8 year old girl named Elsa, Princess Arendelle has the ability to create snow and ice. One night, while playing a sister accidentally injures her 5-year-old Anna, with her ​​powers, making a small part of her hair catching white. King ( Maurice Lemarchal ) and queen seeks help from trolls who heals Anna and do forget the magic of his sister. Their leader, Grand Pabbie ( Ciaran Hinds ), informs them that if Elsa had hit Anna in heart shot would have been fatal. Elsa to protect and to take care that her powers only to endanger anyone, the royal family is locked in a house, isolated from the world beyond the walls. Elsa, for fear of hurting them Anna spends most of its time hidden in her room, thus distancing themselves as they grow. 10 years later, their parents are killed at sea during a storm.
Three years after the death of parents, people prepare Arendelle înconorare ceremony of Elsa (Idina Menzel). Some officials are Duke of Weselton ( Alan Tudyk ), a merchant who wants to exploit for profit Arendelle beautiful kingdom. Enthusiasm castle gates will open to the public finally, Anna ( Kristen Bell / Anca Elijah Catalina Chirţan) hopes to fall in love with someone. Walking the streets, she meets Prince Hans ( Santino Fontana / Jorge ) Islands South Prince and the pair formed an attraction for each other. Despite concerns Elsa, coronation begins without incident, and the two sisters begin to form a connection to the receiving party. During the party for the spree , Hans asks in marriage to Anna who immediately accepts. Elsa, on the other hand, refuses to give his blessing to the marriage, citing a sisterly argument that culminates in the fact that the skills of Elsa criokinetice emerge in front of the guests.
Panicked, Elsa flees unintentionally triggering a winter on the eternal kingdom. Once you accept that her secret was discovered, she is glad that he does not have to be afraid of her skills, builds an ice palace and unwittingly bring back to life a snowman at her childhood and Anna, Olaf ( Josh Gad / Michael Bobonete ). Anna goes in search of Elsa, determined to bring back the Arendelle, end of winter, and restore this relationship. While supplying the commercial place of Oaken ( Chris Williams Marius Chivu ), Anna meet mountain man Kristoff ( Jonathan Groff / Ciprian Cojenel) and his pet, funny reindeer Sven. Kristoff convinces Anna to be his guide to Mount North . After an attack by wolves , the two meet him Olaf, who will guide the hideout Elsa, now, the Snow Queen..

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Frozen Disney Movie English 300MB 480P BRRip Free Download
Frozen Disney Movie English 300MB 480P BRRip Free Download
Frozen Disney Movie English 300MB 480P BRRip Free Download
Frozen Disney Movie English 300MB 480P BRRip Free Download

Movie Size 325 MB
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