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The Polar Express Movie 300MB 480P BRRip English Hindi Dubbed Free Download
Polar Express tells the adventures a child, eight years old on the night of December 24, Christmas Eve, just when you begin to lose hope to continue believing in the existence of Santa Claus and the spirit that brings Christmas.
When preparing to sleep, and after his parents saw him and his younger sister Sarah (who was preparing in the other room, sleeping, anxious for Christmas) heard a loud noise outside his room causing a brief disturbance seismic, caused in turn by a huge train 4 -who is magically derailed when walking on snow and not on some kind of way – has stopped right in front of the door of your home. The child comes out of his room and impressed, while exploring outside the mysterious train, he was invited to address it by the ticket sellers thereof (Tom Hanks) and although initially refuses, she ends up running to get on board.
Once inside the train, which is called “The Polar Express” , and in which a select group of children (chosen for various reasons concerning Christmas) are only the child (known as the Hero Boy to distinguish it from others) will meet a girl with whom he develops a great friendship, a child of glasses known as “Sabiondo” who always seeks to have the answer to everything and a boy named Billy, who comes from the poorest part of the city and who is the last to jump on the bandwagon. Billy, like the Hero Boy , at first refuses to board the train and it begins to take leave without because, as the driver said, “No one is forced to climb the Polar Express . ” But then, convinced by the Child Hero , Billy manages to board the train.
The Polar Express will stick to all these children on a tour round toward the North Pole. Although a number of fantastic events threaten to ruin the trip. However working at the motel between all crew Express and help the ghost of a hobo who becomes known as The King of the North Pole in time fails to meet the objective: reach the North Pole , where they will have the opportunity both person found on Santa and his elves workers as eligible to receive the first gift of the night.
Arriving at the Polo which clearly is a magical city, the driver is excited to see who could meet the schedule and even get five minutes ahead of schedule. Once the train stopped, the group of excited children down, Billy being the only one left on board. The hero child encouraged by his friend Billy go looking for the train car, but when an accident makes up the car and start to disengage breakneck race to the industrial sector of the city. The car manages to stop near where the elves have worked all year preparing gifts for all children everywhere. Once inside, the three boys see that the factory is almost deserted as all elves are in the city plaza mayor ready for Santa. Trolls are just 5 to finalize the details of the deliveries and once completed this will also leave the square.
The boy hero, she and Billy trying to get from where they were the square, ending in a giant sack where all the gifts that Santa deliver Christmas night are. There they discover that the child “Wise Guy” had followed them in secret. Finally after a couple of complications four children make it to the square where a crowd of elves, anxiously await the departure of Santa Claus: goblins are already bringing the reindeer adorned with bells , whose lovely sound is heard by all there present except for the boy hero. Accidentally one of the bells , and will be apparent to a child’s feet hero. Shakes and you hear no noise, so finally realizes he can not hear his refusal to believe in Christmas, but seeing everything that is going on with all his might want to start believing and that your holiday spirit is reborn when he realizes that the bell will sound every time with more intensity. At that time St. approaches him and bring him to his three friends. There Santa himself talking to each: A Billy says he has made ​​new friends and there is no better Christmas gift to Smarty, tells him that he needs to learn about humility, the girl tells him that she has a great gift of leadership and últmo the child hero tells him to believe. In making the announcement of the first gift of Christmas, Santa chooses precisely this child to give that gift. When asked what you want, the boy whispers in Santa’s ear is the bell he wanted. Santa delivers it and then hand to deliver gifts on Christmas night. Children return to board the train to return to their homes express driver receiving a message to grow emotionally and autosuperarse. In addressing the Express, everyone there want to see the gift that Santa gave the boy hero , but this is sorry fully realizing that the gift he had lost since I had kept in the pocket of her robe and this had a hole.
On Christmas morning the boy hero wakes up in his bed knowing that the night before had not been a dream, and his family open presents and younger sister Sarah discovers one last gift behind the tree, which was Santa for his brother. When this opens discovered with joy that is the bell that had been lost, shakes and is happy to hear it, then passes it to her sister who also listens. When it shows them waving the rattle uselessly and think that it works to his parents, but everything was a product that, as adults, the child’s parents no longer believe in the Christmas spirit
Finally the child’s voice is heard and as an adult narrating that, for a time, all his friends heard the tinkle of that bell, but as time went on and grew, everyone stopped to hear even one Christmas her sister Sarah discovers that she could no longer hear the sound of the bell. But he, and as an adult, continued to hear the sound clearly, and all people who believe in the spirit of Christmas.
The Polar Express Movie 300MB 480P BRRip English Hindi Dubbed Free Download
Movie Language English and Hindi Dual Audio
Movie Size 300 MB
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