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Monster House , known in Latin America as the haunted house , is a film of computer animation and suspense of 2006, released on September 1 , 2006. 1 The movie characters are animated primarily by lively performance, the second film to use the technology so extensively, being the first film Robert Zemeckis’ The Polar Express . The film was nominated for an Oscar for best animated film.
DJ Walters ( Mitchel Musso ) is a 12 year old boy who spies on his neighbor, Mr. Nebbercracker ( Steve Buscemi ), who takes any object that falls into your yard. DJ’s parents ( Catherine O’Hara and Fred Willard ) leave town for the weekend for a convention, leaving him in the care of Elizabeth “Zeta”, ( Maggie Gyllenhaal ). Charles “Chowder” ( Sam Lerner ), DJ’s best friend, loses his basketball in the Garden of Nebbercracker. DJ tries to recover, but is captured by Nebbercracker, which plays havoc with him before apparently suffering a heart attack and was taken away in an ambulance. That night, DJ receives phone calls from home Nebbercracker. He enlists the help of Chowder to investigate the house. DJ peeking Zeta boyfriend ( Jason Lee ), who tells Zeta for the loss of your kite in the garden Nebbercracker when I was younger. Later, Bones sees his old kite on the door of the house, but is consumed by the house while trying to retrieve it.
The next morning, a girl named Jenny Bennet ( Spencer Locke ) is on the street selling Halloween chocolates. DJ and Chowder see it through the telescope that targets Nebbercracker house, and are quick to warn, achieving save before the comma is the house.
Jenny decides to call the police, but when police officers Landers and Lester ( Kevin James ) and ( Nick Cannon ) arrive, they do not believe his story, as the house does not react to the jokes of children, while the police are there.
The trio seek advice from Reginald “Skull” Skulinski ( Jon Heder ), addicted to video games that says is an expert in killing monsters. They learn that the house is a “domus mactabilis” (Latin for “deadly home”), a monstrous being created when a human soul merges with a structure. They assume the house is inhabited by the soul of Nebbercracker. The only way to kill the house is to destroy your heart, your life source. They conclude that the heart must be the fireplace, as DJ realizes that the chimney has been smoking since Nebbercracker died. Chowder provides a dummy filled with drugs to do sleep in the house long enough for them to turn off the fireplace. The plan almost succeeds, but the officers Landers and Lester arrive and frustrated. Landers discovers the cold medicine inside the dummy. The police locked the trio in the police car while they examine the house. The house Landers, Lester, and the car eats. DJ, Chowder and Jenny manage to escape the car, but are trapped in the house.
The house falls asleep and begin to explore. Caen in the basement and found a locked cage that opens with a key he found in the garden of DJ Nebbercracker. They find the body of Constance the Giantess ( Kathleen Turner ), wife of Nebbercracker covered with cement. House realizes that they are in and begins to attack them. DJ, Chowder and Jenny force the house to vomit clutching his bell. The trio are surprised when they come home Nebbercracker alive, but with his arm in a sling, revealing that the house is possessed by Constance. Nebbercracker reveals that in his youth he met Constance, who was a circus show, and fell in love with her ​​despite her obesity. After helping her escape, she and Nebbercracker began to build his house. A
Halloween, tormented children throwing rocks, because of their size, Constance lost her balance and fell into the foundations of the house, going to activate the cement machine, cement falling behind her, killing her. Nebbercracker finished the house after the death of Constance, knowing it was what she wanted. Realizing that the wounded and vengeful side of Constance made the house come alive, Nebbercracker tried to keep people posing as a man who hates children.
DJ tells Nebbercracker it’s time to let go Constance, but the house Constance hears this conversation and is released from the foundation of the house and chases the group to a nearby construction site. Nebbercracker tries to persuade Constance to end this while showing him a stick of dynamite, but Constance refuses. Chowder fights the house on a backhoe, and makes it fall into a pit. Nebbercracker gives dynamite DJ and he and Jenny climb to the top of a crane while Chowder distracts Constance. DJ throws the dynamite into the chimney, and the house explodes. The trio sees Nebbercracker dance with the spirit of Constance for the last time before she fades. Nebbercracker DJ apologizes for the loss of his home and his wife, but Nebbercracker thanks him and who are now free, he and Constance after 45 years. That Halloween night, children with their Halloween costumes line the site Nebbercracker house, where DJ, Chowder and Jenny Nebbercracker help return all the toys to their owners. Jenny’s parents come to pick her up, DJ and Chowder decide to go out trick or treating. After the credits, people start to come to the house had “eaten”.
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Minions English and Hindi Dual Audio HD 720P Bluray
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