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Hui Buh – The Castle Ghost is a German film directed by Sebastian Niemann in 2006. The film is based on motifs from the radio play Hui Buh by Eberhard Alexander Burgh. In the main roles are played by Michael Herbig and Christoph Maria Herbst. The German theatrical release was on 20 July 2006, distributed by Constantin Film. With over two million viewers, it was the fifth most successful domestic film in 2006 in the German cinemas and the zwölfterfolgreichste international film of the year in Germany.
The budget of 10 million euro is a theater box office earnings of 10.4 million euros. The introductory phrase “Some people say there are ghosts. Some people say there are no ghosts. But I say, Hui Buh’s a ghost. “, As in the radio plays of Hans Paetsch spoken.
Ritter Balduin is located in 1399 at Castle Burgeck, and tried to supplement its budget by gambling there. When his opponent Adolar noted that Balduin wrong plays, Baldwin is suddenly struck by lightning – he becomes a ghost Hui Buh. Startled Ritter Adolar staggers back and falls through the window into the moat.
500 years later, Hui Buh is the only officially certified ghost at Castle Burgeck. Together with the Castellan he leads a quiet life until one day King Julius the 111th concerns the castle, to celebrate the betrothal with Leonora Countess Etepetete.
Hui Buh tried every means, Julius rauszuekeln, but paid so that Julius burns his spirits license, without which he does not “officially approved ghost” is more. Thereby his spirits skills it be stolen.
When Julius tells the spirit of his money worries, he learns that there is a treasure on Burgeck, which is in a room that can only be opened from the inside. However, Hui Buh can no longer go without spirits license by walls, which does not allow it to recover the treasure.
To purchase a new license, and not to get into the soul soup, which would mean his final death, Hui Buh shall retake the spirits examination. However, he is unable to answer the exam questions. As it turns out, that Julius knows the answers, they decide to go along in the ghost town where the check is written. However, they are unmasked and must after passing knowledge examination flee.
Daalor, the representative of the spirits Authority, is in truth Adolar that drives common cause with Countess Leonora. Since he is an ancestor of the Countess, both want to bring the castle in their possession, which they Baldwin has taken by his cheating. They do not manage to kill King Julius. Meanwhile the spirits authority of the conspiracy out between Adolar and Countess Leonora, so the guards to Major Servatius Sebaldus Adolar and Leonora, who is now a ghost, arrested in Castle Burgeck. The good-natured Major Hui Buh regains his spirits license. Finally, King Julius and married maid Konstanzia.
Hui Buh English & Hindi Dubbed Dual 300MB Free Download
Movie Language: English & Hindi (Dual Audio)
Movie Format:MKV 480P
Movie Size:300MB

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