Atlantis The Lost Empire Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed 300MB 480P


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Atlantis The Lost Empire Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed 300MB 480P

A line of Plato reminds us of what is now forgotten. A huge wave submerged the island of Atlantis while an explosion destroyed the heart of the island to the dismay of the king. While the population evacuated the capital, the queen tries to protect his daughter Kida but is caught by a blue ray that uses his body as a vehicle to create a barrier protecting the city center. The city was submerged by the waves and diving under the ocean.
Thousands of years later in 1914, Milo Thatch, a linguist and expert cartographer , works in the boiler room of a museum of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC . As did Thaddeus Thatch, his grandfather, he is obsessed by the search Manuscript Berger – work which, according to legend, is simply a guide leading to the Atlantis , the famous sunken city . He must present his research to a committee of the museum, but he manages to cancel the meeting. It crosses the committee in the corridors, but his theories about Atlantis are derided by his colleagues in the museum. Milo continues the director outside, but the man refuses to fund an expedition to find the manuscript in Iceland . Disappointed, Milo resigns.
Then he goes home, Milo is approached by a mysterious young woman, Helga Sinclair, who takes him to Preston Whitmore, an old eccentric millionaire and longtime friend of his grandfather. Whitmore announces that funded the research Thaddeus and the manuscript was found as expected in Iceland. To repay a moral debt, Whitmore finance a new expedition with a team of talent for exploring Atlantis Milo part of the team if he accepts.
Milo accepts and joins the team led by Commander Lyle Tiberius Rourke, leader of the expedition in Iceland, seconded by Helga Sinclair. The team is an expert in demolition Italian, Vincenzo Santorini, a French geologist Gaetan Molière nicknamed “mole”, an African-American doctor, Amadou Gentil, a South American young mechanic, Audrey Ramirez, a senior telephone operator, M I Closet and a chef out of the Far West , Jebidiah “Cookie” Farnsworth. With a large crew, they all boarded a huge submarine avant-garde, the Ulysses , and head to Iceland. Once in the depths, they cross the path of a monster, a seemingly giant mechanical crab, the Leviathan . The robotic monster destroyed the submarine Ulysses but part of the crew managed to enter the cave shaped siphon according Manuscript Berger can reach Atlantis.
The siphon has created an air pocket and the crew used to plunge into the depths of the vast underground network of caves. They discover a dormant volcano can, as Molière, wake up at the slightest explosion, and the ruins of gigantic buildings. One night, a fire ravaged the camp while attacking natives. The crew continues to explore the caves and passes a long wooden bridge leading to an island city with lush vegetation: Atlantis. They are greeted by a young woman, Kida, and discover that the Atlanteans include all languages. Despite this reception, the old king Nedakh request adventurers from. Rourke convinces him to stay the night. Discovering that Milo manages to read the writing Atlante, the Kida plunged into the heart of a huge submerged Atlantis translate fresco. This mural explains the origin of the power of the crystal that gives strength and longevity to the Atlanteans, Kida with more than 6000 years. Milo also discovers that the Manuscript Berger is incomplete and that a page is missing. Milo and Kida rise to the surface and are received by Rourke suddenly holding the missing page. This page explains the power of the crystal hidden in the sight of the king. Rourke announced that he wants the crystal to rise to the surface and sell it. He mortally wounded the king during his interrogation, but with these clues, discovers only access to the crystal room in the throne room. Rourke goes into the room with Milo, Kida and Helga, but the crystal reacts and within the scope of the threat merges with Kida.
Before dying, the king explains that the crystal has developed a conscience and uses the body of a member of the royal family when he is in danger, but if he leaves the city will be destroyed. Kida is placed in a metal cage and led by Rourke and his soldiers. Milo tries to reason with the experts of the crew and asked them to save Atlantis and Kida. Rourke, Helga and soldiers lead Kida, but drop Milo and dissidents. Milo had received the king’s crystal, it shows the Atlanteans how to use it to activate flying machines. It pursues Rourke and catch up while trying to get out of the chimney of the volcano in a hot air balloon. The battle begins, Rourke shows his true nature and his accomplice Helga throws overboard. He fights with Milo, his size disadvantage, unable to hurt with a piece of crystal. Rourke turns, succumbs to madness and drop the ball, but all this activity, gunfire and explosions, awakens the volcano. Milo asks everyone to return to Atlantis Kida. Here, in the form of crystal, it activates stone giants that create a shield protecting the city of lava flooding the cave. Once the lava cooled, the fracture energy shield dome covering the city and the water and resume their life course. The surviving crew are covered by the Atlanteans gifts as they leave to the surface, leaving Milo with Kida, who both like. Survivors summarize their adventures Whitmore, lying on many points, but a letter from Milo says it remains to rebuild Atlantis and offers him a crystal.
Atlantis The Lost Empire Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed 300MB 480P
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