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The Secret Life of Pets Dual Hin-Eng 480P & 720P Free Download

Max is a sweet little dog who lives in New York with his mistress Katie, who loves you very much. When Katie goes to work, Max spends his days with the other animals that live in his apartment building, anxiously awaiting the return of her mistress. One day Katie comes home with Duke, a huge hairy dog, taken from the local animal shelter. Duke proves once affectionate and willing to cohabit, but Max does not like it and tries to convince Katie to get rid of him. The latter, discovered the thing, immediately changes attitude and proves to its once hostile toward Max.

The day after Duke, in an attempt to grab a hamster friend of Max, breaks a vase. Max, on the advice of Chloe, a friend of his cat, uses it to his advantage, and begins to create havoc in the house, blackmailing Duke: he will do everything he tells Max, otherwise he will hunt. Duke is forced to accept, and from that moment Max proves decidedly authoritarian and unfriendly towards him. One day the two are brought to the park by a dog-sitter, but forgets to remove the leash to Max. Just do not look human, Duke, fed up of Max’s behavior towards him, pulling him away from the door Max park for collar and throws him into a garbage can. Before Duke can disappear, the two are surrounded by a group of stray cats, they can tear their collars and they are about to attack them, when they are joined by two dog catchers. Stray they flee, but Max and Duke are acciuffatti.

On the way into the kennels, the vehicle of dog catcher is stormed by a group of animals led by Nevosetto, a hysterical and authoritarian rabbit who hates human animals manage to get hold of the van, freeing one of their classmates. Bragging because they hate themselves humans, and Duke Max manage to convince Nevosetto to take them with them and together they head to the sewers. Once there, they find out that Max and Duke Nevosetto is the head of a secret band of stray animals of different species together (dogs, cats and many others) who hate humans because they have been abandoned by them. Nevosetto wants to enter his band also Max and Duke and submit them to an initiation rite: the two will have to be marked by the bite of a viper. While Max is going to be marked, the stray who had taken away the collars to the two dogs Nevosetto to reveal that the two are simple pets, and the rabbit orders his comrades to eliminate them. Duke stands in defense of Max, and fighting the viper ends crushed by a pile of bricks and dies. Max and Duke, forced to flee, they reach the sewer system and, following the ducts, can reach ending in the sea, saving himself by climbing up a direct ferry to Brooklyn.

Meanwhile Gidget, a neighbor dog Max, which is secretly in love, becomes aware of his absence and organizes a rescue group composed of herself, Chloe, the dogs Buddy and Mel, the parrochetto Pisellino and the hawk Tiberius. The animals come from Nonnotto, a dachshund very old and with paralyzed hind legs, leading them animals in and around the city on the trail of Max and Duke. Max and Duke, meanwhile, reached a store of sausages, where eating and drinking, eating until being satiated and finally succeeded in making friends. After eating, Duke tells Max that he had another master in the past and to be finished at the shelter because they had turned away from him by mistake. Max, moved and impressed by the affection Duke trial for his old master, decides to accompany his friend to him. Once Duke who went to the house where he was staying, they discover that the old master died. Disappointed and saddened by what, Duke gets angry with Max, accusing him of having brought him there just to get rid of him. Max, offended by his words, he turns away, but was again captured by the dog catchers. Duke, in a burst of altruism, save his friend, but being locked up in its place. Max is launched immediately chase the van to save Duke, but is intercepted by Nevosetto, who with his comrades want to kill him to avenge the viper. The dog catchers notice them and take them all except Max and Nevosetto, who, despite everything, are forced to ally themselves to save their friends.

Max and Nevosetto steal a bus and make it to the truck the dog catcher, which – spurred by the two – off the road and crashed from the Brooklyn Bridge. The Nevosetto friends manage to escape, but Duke is trapped in the truck. Max would like to save it, but it is surrounded by Nevosetto friends, who believe responsible for the death of their leader, who in the crash of the two media was knocked unconscious and looks dead. Max seems to end, but just then arriving Gidget and the others, who manage to knock out the Nevosetto friends, who in the meantime shooting and clarifies everything. Max runs into the trucks to save Duke, and with the help of Nevosetto manages to aim, releasing Duke. After reaching the surface, all the animals steal a taxi, with which they return in the palace inhabited by Max and others. Before returning, Max and Gidget confess their feelings, becoming a couple. Animals back into their apartments, while Nevosetto and its move away to get back in the sewers; before retiring the animals are achieved by a little girl, who, fascinated by Nevosetto, decides to take him. The rabbit, despite the initial suspicion, consent and, happy, he leaves with the new mistress.

Duke Max and fall in their apartment just a moment before Katie come home. In the end, all three are put on the stairs to watch the skies of New York, and Max, now affezionatosi Duke, the welcome in her family. Duke, glad to have finally found a home, thank you.


The Secret Life of Pets Dual Hin-Eng 480P & 720P Free Download

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