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The Lion King 2 Simba's Pride Free Download 300 MB

The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride (or The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride in Spain as The Lion King II: The Kingdom of Simba in Latin ) is the sequel of the film 1994 The Lion King After. launch out four years later.
In The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride , it is revealed that the hyenas were not only allies of Scar. Also had supporters among the lions, and they are driven by it to Lejanías Simba (the Shadowlands wisely forbade Mufasa Simba when he was a puppy).
Are these rebels lions (called Strangers and Outlanders in the original version), which formed the herd when Scar was king, rather than the herd of Mufasa was almost as slavery.
Once Simba banishes the traitors responsible along with his wife, Nala, to raise her young daughter, Kiara. Kiara however proves to be as bold and adventurous as it was cub Simba, and one day, mocking the protection of their babysitters Timon and Pumba, reaches the limit of Lejanías. There accidentally bumps into a stranger puppy. At first this is somewhat aggressive sign, but when both are attacked by a group of hungry crocodiles, and narrowly manage to escape, they end up becoming friends. They are about to start playing, when they are interrupted by angry Simba, who had been looking for Kiara. At the same time, grass emerges Zira , the mother of the puppy. Zira prepares to attack Simba, but desists when they Nala, the other lionesses and Timon and Pumbaa. Then proceeds to introduce your puppy, Kovu, Simba that Kovu informing was chosen by Scar to be his successor (although it was actually adopted). Flooded grudge against the followers of Scar, Simba Zira orders leave the Pride Lands, reminding him that is punishable return from Lejanías. Zira leaves with Kovu, but not before declaring war on Simba and his pack.
Simba and his flock return to Pride Rock, and admonishes Simba (much smoother than Mufasa), Kiara for disobeying his orders, he did the same after his daughter when she was a puppy. Then he explains how important is the link between all species to conserve the Cycle of Life.
Meanwhile, in the Lejanías, Zira Kovu sharply rebuked by approaching Simba’s daughter, reminding her that this was who killed Scar (which actually is not true, because those were the hyenas killed Scar). But then Zira discovers is actually a good idea to use to reach Kovu Simba. Satisfied, proceeds to declare to his followers may soon return to power, and Kovu will be the key to achieving this.
Time passes, and Rafiki, the old baboon closely follows the lives of Kiara and Kovu, Kovu worried because he knows eventually come to kill Simba. But Mufasa, Rafiki who has the power to communicate, informs you that you have a plan to avoid it, and this is Kovu and Kiara unite. Rafiki doubt this works, but is committed to carrying out the plan of his former friend and sovereign.
Finally training Kovu is complete; he is now a young adult full of hatred for Simba. Zira has convinced him that his destiny is to kill the king, avenging the death of Scar and regaining his throne.
Kiara meanwhile has also grown, and is about to start his first hunt, during which he tried to catch their own prey. Simba is very worried that something might happen, but Kiara makes him promise to leave it alone. Simba agrees, but then without anyone noticing, sends Timon and Pumbaa to follow suit.
When Kiara realizes, is enraged, thinking that Simba never give you a chance to prove herself, and flees the vicinity of the Rock. However, this is what Zira was waiting; she sends her children Vitani and Nuka, Kovu brothers, to set fire to the prairies. Terrified, Kiara tries to escape but the fire around it, and finally trapped in the rock, which passes out by fumes and exhaustion. Kovu then appears and rescues her, taking her back to Pride Rock. Zazu, Simba Butler observes this from air and rushes to inform Simba.
Meanwhile, Kiara wakes up and discovers that the lion is the rescue Kovu. She is happy to see him after so long, but Simba gets him rudely because it has not forgotten what Zira said, and believes that Kovu is the heir of his hated uncle Scar.
However, in gratitude for having saved Kiara, Simba reluctantly agrees, that Kovu join the pack, completing the second phase of the plan of Zira.
That night, thanked Kiara Kovu to rescue, but he teases her by saying sarcastically that could not survive three days and terrible hunting skills. Kiara then challenges him to teach you, to which Kovu accepted.
That night, Simba has a nightmare in which he sees himself (as an adult) trying to save his father from slipping back into the barrel by fleeing stampeding wildebeests (as in the first film). However, Scar is above him, on the edge of the precipice, and digs its claws violently Simba’s arm, preventing the rescue Mufasa. Mufasa falls to the bottom of the barrel, and when Simba looks back at Scar, this turns into Kovu, who in turn throws Simba vacuum. Simba awake at this time, scared.
The next morning Simba heads to a waterhole to drink, watched by Kovu, who is hiding behind a rock ready to attack. However, reminding him that distracts Kiara has promised to teach hunting. Kovu misses an opportunity to attack Simba and decided to do it later, and is removed along with Kiara (who has not noticed anything and calls him her cheerful charisma).
Later, Kiara Kovu is teaching strategies stalking, and coincidentally found Timon and Pumbaa, who ask them for help to scare a flock of birds that do not allow them to eat in a field of insects. Kiara and Kovu begin to chase the birds for fun, yet felt adrenaline fleeing rhino, which Kovu had never done because her whole life was dedicated to train to fight (even after roaring to scare away birds and run beside Kiara asks if that’s training). Kovu finally relaxing and ends aside its previous purpose. Kiara and Kovu also begin to fall after accidentally kissing.
When it is evening, Kovu Kiara tries to reveal to his former purpose, but does not dare to do it and try to leave. However, he was arrested by Rafiki that Mufasa following the plan tries to unite the two lions. Rafiki takes them to a special place called Upendi (means “love” in Swahili ), Kovu and Kiara where they fall in love even more.
When both return to Pride Rock, Simba is much more common with Kovu and allowed to enter the cave where they sleep the other lions. In those moments, the sister of Kovu, Vitani, is hidden under the rock of the king, and realizes that Kovu is not fulfilling its mission. She tells Zira, who, furious, decides it’s time to take the matter into their own hands.
The next day, Kovu is ready to confess everything to Kiara but Simba interrupts and invites Kovu for a walk to explain the true story of Scar. Now convinced that Kovu is Scar was but a murderer, and not at all want to be his heir. But, while walking through the plains area that had been burned, Simba and Kovu are surrounded by Zira and her pride. Simba is attacked, and though Kovu tries to help, to no avail. Simba, seriously wounded, attempts to escape the canyon where, years ago, fell Mufasa, and begins to climb a huge pile of logs. Kovu appears on the precipice, Zira and Simba attack orders, but Kovu back. Then Nuka, Zira’s elder son, who all this time had been neglected by her mother in favor of Kovu, launches in pursuit of Simba in an attempt to impress Zira. Simba manages to catch an ankle, but the stems can not support its weight and slides. Several logs fall on Nuka, Simba escapes and flees to the Rock.
Kovu tries to help Nuka, but Zira tosses it aside and remove the logs covering his eldest son; It’s too late. Nuka dies, and all the Outsiders, gather around to honor him.
Simba meanwhile, is taken back to Pride Rock by Timon, Pumba and Kiara, too weak to walk alone previously asked Zazu Kiara, Simba’s butler, I got some help.
Meanwhile, Zira, angry over losing Nuka, Kovu attacks by clawing at his face, leaving a scar on the left eye, which was equal to Scar. Zira blames Kovu for Nuka’s death cause and betray Scar and his flock. Kovu replies that has nothing to do with Scar, and flees to the Pride Lands. Zira’s plan has failed for some, but now that Simba is seriously wounded and weak, she decides it’s time to attack; she and her herd preparing to attack Simba and his the same night.
Later, Kovu comes to Pride Rock where Simba tries to explain that he had nothing to do with the ambush. But Simba has been confirmed their fears and refuses to forgive Kovu and sentenced to exile. Kiara, knowing that Kovu is innocent, and he came to ask forgiveness of Simba because he loves her, tells her that she can never be like Mufasa, horrifying his father, and then flees the Pride Lands and looks for Prairie finally finding it in the place that was burned. After a romantic and be as one in their reflections scene, Kovu Kiara proposes to flee the Pride Lands, to form his own family, but Kiara convinces him that his place is with his pack, and yes they flee , their herds would be divided.
In the Pride Lands, Simba had already noticed the absence of Kiara, after Helm explained what happened to her, but do not have time to look, because that tells Zazu Zira and his approach, disposed to a decisive battle. Simba meets Nala his wife, faithful to his friends Timon and Pumbaa and the other lionesses and Zira faces over the canyon. The battle begins, but surprisingly the lionesses of Zira, have been trained by it for years to fight, and soon obtained the advantage. The wounded king is no match for the lionesses of Zira, and finally, this is about to kill him personally. But just in time, Kiara and Kovu come and face their parents. Kovu Zira challenges him saying that while this trip, Zira not hurt Kiara or Simba, and Kiara tries to turn tells his father that they, and outsiders are equal, and that they should be united. Simba does not accept, but his daughter says, “A wise king said to me that we are clan, then I did not understand, now.”
Simba finally reconsiders and accepts, like Vitani, Kovu’s sister. But Zira not accept this decision and threatens Vitani telling him that if he does not fight, die. Hearing this, the other outsiders, decide they do not want to follow Zira, and Simba go off. Zira Simba invites to forget the past, but Zira is still fiercely loyal to Scar and far from accepting his defeat, Simba attacked treacherously. But Kiara gets in half Zira attack; two lionesses slide off the cliff. Kiara gets stand on a cliff, and Zira is hung from a vertical wall of rock, holding in its talons. Simba is thrown over the cliff to help Kiara, but at the same time, the logs stopped the river flow yield, and a massive flood threatens to drag everyone. Meanwhile Kiara offers Zira helps, but this, far from accepting, try knock Kiara. Finally, Zira seems reconsider, but it’s too late; his claws sliding rock and Zira falls into the river, where they finally disappear, in the eyes of pain Kovu, but pride by Simba, who has witnessed the courageous act of his daughter.
The war between the two packs at last over, and Simba declares that all are back together. At Pride Rock together with both herds, Kiara and Kovu and marry these with Simba and Nala roar with all the lions at the top of Pride Rock, continuing the cycle of life. Simba, who eventually retained his place as king, he realizes that he has done the right thing, when Mufasa’s spirit whispers in his ear, “Well done, my son. We are one.”
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The Lion King 2 Simba's Pride Free Download 300 MB
Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio Files)
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