Battlefield 2 Bad Company Free Download

Battlefield 2 PC Game Free Download
Battlefield 2 is a video game type of FPS developed by Digital Illusions CE and published by Electronic Arts on June 22, 2005 the United States (although announced for spring 2004).
It uses a game engine incorporating a physics engine . The game is often compared to Desert Combat , a mod game for Battlefield 1942 placing the player in a contemporary world. And indeed, when Trauma Studios , the studio that developed the model , was bought by DICE , the developers have worked on BF2. In 2005 EA has released the first expansion pack called Special Forces that incorporates new forces such as Navy SEAL , SAS , Spetsnaz Russian and other countries’ elite forces. It adds new maps, weapons and vehicles.
Battlefield 2 is set in the modern clashes xxi th  century. In the original game, three armies face: The Corps of the US Marines , the CMO Armed Forces (Coalition of the Middle East ) and the People’s Liberation Army ( China ). Note strangely, the United States are systematically combat CMO or China , and that these two will never meet. According to an interview with the creators of the game, have a battle between the CMO armed forces and the Chinese armed forces would create some contradictions with the scenario of Battlefield 2, which, incidentally, has so far never been known. The army of the European Union was added later.
The sets are quite varied and are set in the oil fields of China, the cities of the Middle East or the islands of the Persian Gulf . Since the booster pack “Armored Fury,” the theater of war also take place on American soil. Players have at their disposal a variety of vehicles, whose appearance varies the army uses them: Jeeps , tanks, the helicopters , airplanes , boats
Battlefield 2 takes the gameplay of Battlefield 1942 (BF1942) and Battlefield Vietnam (BFV), namely a war game in which two teams compete on a server. To win, a team must reduce the number of tickets opponent to 0, or arrange for the team to have the greatest number of tickets at the end of the allotted time.
To do this, a team must capture flags and keep them in his camp as long as possible. Capturing a flag takes time during which a soldier is exposed to enemy fire (the flags are usually found in open and widely exposed).
The other way is to kill enemy soldiers. Every time an enemy soldier dies, his team loses a ticket. Be careful though, a doctor can revive an ally soldier with defibrillator during a time of 15 seconds by default. If he does, the team does not lose his ticket. But the player who shot the soldier keeps his killing revived points.
Each team consists of specialized soldiers, with their own equipment: weapons, grenades, body armor, specialized tools (mines, defibrillator and care kit, adjustable wrench …).
Battlefield 2 is playable only against the bots . This part of the game is not very developed and is essentially learning to play (especially with the aircraft) and control a FPS 
The real novelty lies in the Battlefield 2 team game system has been redesigned. Thus appear squads, a kind of sub-teams led by a squad leader, holding up to 6 members. The squads have their own channel of dialogue and their own system of order. Above squads is the commander who is in charge of overall orders, and artillery strikes, refueling and drones. Thus, when a commander gives an order to a squad, the squad leader in the ability to accept or decline the order by COMMO ROSE or voice (by micro present in the edition Staff of Battlefield 2) . In the case of acceptance of the order, a tag appears on the minimap. But the squad leader retains the ability to give orders to his own unaided squad commander.
Each player has a context menu, the COMMO ROSE, allowing it to send voice messages such as the request of a physician, refusal or acceptance of an order of the Commander or his squad leader, etc. In addition, it allows you to communicate to the team via the minimap, the position of a spotted enemy (the computer is based on the enemy unit within an area around the crosshairs. In If no unit is in the field, the minimap displays a question mark at the position defined by the reticle)
Each player is part of a squad has a menu order in addition to its menu. With this order of menu, it can request orders to his squad leader, and request an artillery strike, refueling, or radar coverage.
The Commander has a unique command interface by which it is able to trigger strikes artillery, radar blankets and supplies, as well as direct tactics, check the condition of the troops and spy on enemy movements across a kind of satellite. The Commander is vulnerable when in this tactical mode because it can not move, the commander mode supporting him all the visual space it must have the need, it usually hides in a corner of the map when address orders and coordinate strikes and / or actions for squads.
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Battlefield 2 PC Game Free Download
Battlefield 2 PC Game Free Download
Battlefield 2 PC Game Free Download
Battlefield 2 PC Game Free Download
Minimum System Requirements
Operating System: Windows XP
Processor: 1.7Ghz
RAM Memory: 512MB
Hard disk space: 2GB
Graphics Card: 128MB
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