Dragon Ball Super S01E01 English Dub 720P x265


It has been six months since Goku defeated Buu , and with the peace restored in the world, Goku keeps his promise to his wife Milk, to work and earn money as a farmer. Meanwhile, Gohan and Videl prepare their wedding, so Goten and Trunks jointly prepare a gift of marriage, who choose thermal water capable of keeping the skin young, but Videl to see them happy, just pretend that it really works. On the other hand, Mr. SatanHe is considered the savior of the Earth, and receives 100 million Zeni as a reward. Although Mr. Satan feels he does not deserve it, he goes to Goku’s place of work and gives him the prize, which allows him to go training with Kaiƍsama . Meanwhile, the god of destruction Beerus, has woken up from a long sleep and with his assistant Wiss, they visit a planet to taste their culinary art, but when receiving a greasy food, it destroys half of a planet, being sensed by Kibitoshin from the supreme planet.

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Movie Quality : 720P x265 10 Bit

Movie Size : 146 MB

Movie Language: English and Japanese (Dual Audio)

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