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Batman and the Phantom ( English Batman: Mask of the Phantasm ) is a cartoon from 1993 and is based on the comic Batman character , created by Bob Kane .

In Gotham City is a new criminal hunter, the Phantom. Unlike Batman, however, the mysterious figure, always surrounded by a gruesome fog, kills their prey.

The first victim of the phantom is gangster boss Chuckie Sol. The press but Batman is blamed for the murder and the complacent city council Arthur Reeves sees the lurid headlines as a way to start an election program that should lead him to the mayor’s office. So he starts a veritable hunt on the dark knight. Commissioner Gordon, who believes in the innocence of Batman, wants nothing to do with it. At the same time comes Andrea Beaumont, the great childhood sweetheart of Bruce Wayne back to Gotham. The couple even wanted to marry years ago, but Andrea had to flee with her father out of the country, as this was involved in some dubious business.

The second criminal king who loses his life to the mysterious phantom is Buzz Bronski. Sal Valestra, also a giant of the Gothamer underworld, is beginning to panic, recognizing in these murders a red thread running to him. He contacts Reeves and demands stronger measures in the persecution of Batman. Apparently, the aging gangster and the aspiring city council share a common past.

In the meantime, Batman gets into more and more trouble. A special task force of the police puts him and almost kills him, but Andrea, who apparently knows of his dual identity, saves him at the last second. In Wayne Manor, the two come very close again and spend the night together.
Meanwhile, Valestra contacts his former bodyguard. The man who is now known only as a joker in the criminal world. This hides now on the grounds of the former World’s Fair, Valestra offers him millions of dollars if he agrees to turn off Batman. The Joker has a taste, but has other plans. He kills Valestra and dumps the body in his penthouse apartment with a video camera and an explosive charge. That same night, the phantom appears to kill Valestra, but escapes the trap at the last moment.

As Batman looks at an old photo that shows Beaumont with the gangsters, he recognizes in Valestras bodyguard the Joker. The clown prince of the crime in turn makes a visit to Reeves and wants to find out if he is somehow connected to the phantom and poisoned him with his “Joker gas”. Only with difficulty can Batman get late at night in the hospital information from Reeves. Reeves was still an employee of Carl Beaumont, Andreas’s father, and stuck in his first campaign. He went bankrupt and asked his boss for financial support. When he refused, he betrayed him to the gangsters. Now, however, many events of the last days give a terrible sense, which are also related to Bruce’s own past.

At that time he and Andrea wanted to marry. However, she had to leave the city with her father when he got involved in financial affairs with a crime syndicate consisting of Valestra, Sol and Bronski. He had gone underground with his daughter in Europe and made a fortune out of the money he embezzled. When he had enough fortune to repay the debts, he thought, he found out that the criminals were more out for blood than money.

At first, Batman now suspects Andrew’s father of being the phantom. However, when he discovers that the Joker, then a bodyguard and contract killer of Sal Valestra, murdered him years ago, a completely new picture emerges. He had murdered Andreas’s father on behalf of the syndicate and she now takes bloody revenge in the guise of the phantom. After a final battle on the grounds of the former World’s Fair, Andrea can provide the Joker, Batman appeals to them not to be as bad as he is, but says it is too late and disappears along with the Joker in an artificial fog cloud.

At home, in the Bath Cave, Bruce blames himself for not realizing the connections earlier. Alfred, his faithful butler, tries to console him by making it clear to him that Bruce, on the basis of his own desire for retribution, walks the same path as Andrea, but unlike her, he does not stumble.

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