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Moana ( Vaiana in Portugal , Moana: A Adventures Sea , in Brazil ) [ 1 ] [ 2 ] is an animated movie musical American , produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios , and the 56th movie studio and also the 3rd musical animated film CGI Disney and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures . [ 3 ] The movie starring newcomer Auli’i Cravalho as Moana and Dwayne Johnson as Maui. [ 4 ] [5 ] Directed by John Musker and Ron Clements , with instrumental soundtrack Mark Mancina and songs of the composer of Broadway , Lin-Manuel Miranda , Mancina and musician Opetaia Foa’i.

The film tells the story of Moana, the beloved daughter of the chief of a tribe motunui, chosen by the ocean itself to gather a mystical relic to a goddess. It sets sail in search of Maui , a legendary demigod and hopes to save his people.

Moana debuted November 23, 2016 in the US and November 24, 2016 in Portugal, in Disney Digital 3D formats, RealD 3D, D-Box, and large premium formats. The film, along with Zootopia , marks the first time since 2002 that Walt Disney Animation Studios released two films in the same year. After the release, the film received critical acclaim with compliments directed to your animation, music and voice acting. To date, Moana grossed $ 642 million worldwide. [ 6 ] He made his debut on January 5, 2017 in Brazil.

Te Fiti a goddess of the island , created all life and became an island. The heart of TeFiti, a small pounamu stone was stolen by the demigod Maui to present human with it, with the goal to be loved. After stealing the hearts of Tefiti, he finds the monster lava Te Ka, which made her heart hook and disappear in the ocean. Because of the heart being stolen, the islands that were created TeFiti cursed.

A millennium later, Moana Waialiki as a child discovers the heart while she is collecting shells near the ocean. After his father the chief Tui orders her back to the village, she never sees the heart until it grows. Moana, now a teenager, has the responsibility to become the next head of the island, at the insistence of his father, but because of his close friendship with Tala grandmother, keeps his dream to leave the island alive. She soon discovers that all the fish disappeared from the village beaches and coconutsThey are spoiled. Moana insists on going beyond the reef to catch more fish, but his father discouraged his request, annoyed by their desires. His mother, Sina Waialiki, confesses that his father does so because of the loss of his closest friend, when they traveled by the relentless waters one night in his youth.

Tala is Moana on the beach after she tries to navigate beyond the reef only to sink back home, and shows the Moana a hidden secret cave behind a waterfall. Inside are sailing boats that their ancestors created. By beating the drum, she discovers that they were travelers. Then, Tala gives Moana heart of Te Fiti, after showing him the curse that drains the life of the trees and the island itself, saying it is the only way to save his people. She goes to his father and tells what Tala said, but he does not believe and see this as another excuse for her to leave the island.

Later, Tala is sick and is found dying in his bed. In his last breaths, she tells Moana to go save his people and gives you the necklace used to load the heart. Moana part with one of the sailboats found in the cave and heihei, a dumb rooster that was accidentally saved on the sailboat. She wants to find Mauifollowing a constellation that looks like your hook, but a wave turns his sailboat and unconscious hits. She wakes up the next morning on a small island inhabited by Maui, imprisoning Moana in a cave after distract her. He steals his sailboat while threatening eating heihei. After escaping from the cave, the ocean Moana sends back to the sailboat to convince Maui. It shows you the heart and asks you to help her to return it, but Maui departs fearing that the heart is a trap for the person who bears and other creatures would kill to steal it for himself.

Immediately after heihei eat heart during a meeting with little pirates pygmies known as Kakamora the Kakamora steal heihei forcing Moana to retrieve it after Maui discovers his inability to navigate when they try to escape. After Moana recovers heihei of Kakamora, Maui is able to prevent their sailing boats collide each other and the three remain unharmed. Maui agrees to help bring the heart back to Te Fiti. But to do that, he needs his hook, which is hidden in the Kingdom of Monsters, with a crabgiant called Tamatoa. In his lair, Maui barely recovers the hook while Moana distracts Tamatoa causing it to sing about yourself. Later, Maui and Moana escape his lair and Tamatoa is left stranded on his back in a last ditch effort to grab them. Back to the sailboat, Maui is depressed about being unable to change shape with the angle, but finally decides to teach the Moana surfing instead, after the ocean numbs your ass with a blow dart.

Moana discovers Maui stole the heart to a village that he cared, since he was given his powers by the gods. Through some incentive Moana, Maui has the power to change so easily, managing to turn into a hawk . The two become friends as they learn more about how to be a chosen by the ocean. They get to Te Fiti where Te Ka appears and tries to destroy them. Maui tries to fight and tells Moana stay behind. She ignores his warning, which leads Te Ka partially destroy the hook of Maui, damaging it severely and sending them away across the ocean. Angry, Maui let Moana stranded, fearing to fight Te Ka permanently destroy your hook. He flies away after telling her that the ocean chose the wrong person to save his people, which is something she has been trying to find out why.

After sadly saying the ocean to bring the heart to another person, Tala appears in spirit form and encourages her to find out who she is based on what she learned, what she lived, who she met and where she sees. Moana proudly realizes who she wants to be within itself and what defines it, and nothing to recover the heart. Using his skills chosen by the ocean, it returns the Te Fiti and can go through Te Ka to take heart. Maui returns also changing the heart to distract Te Ka. Moana, reaching the top of the mountain, you realize that the island is gone and that Te Ka is really Te Fiti without your heart. She asks the ocean to clear a path so she can be near Te Fiti. It connects with Te Fiti and opens his eyes to show what it has become.

Te Fiti, now fully restored and destroyed curse, believe Maui should be left to apologize for his actions, what he does. Maui, in turn, a new hook is granted and flies to meet its villagers. Before leaving, Maui goodbye to Moana with a hug, thanking her for everything he did.

Moana then returns to his island, where everything returns to normal and the villagers return to the ocean, releasing the boats hidden cave. As the new boss, Moana puts the stone (a shell that she collected when she was little) on the highest mountain, where many heads put stones to claim your leadership and share with the rest of the residents in search of new islands with Maui in your falcon form.

In a post-credits scene Tamatoa is still lying on his back and asks if people would care more if his name was Sebastian and had an accent Jamaican (reference The Little Mermaid ).

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