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Despicable Me 3 ( Despicable Me 3 in Hispanoamerica and Gru: My favorite villain in March in Spain ), is an animated film,third installment of the franchise Despicable Me , released on June 30, 2017, produced by the production company Illumination Entertainment and distributed by Universal Studios . Is the third in the series of Despicable Me and a sequel Despicable Me 2 , 2013. Directed by the director of previous deliveries, Pierre Coffin and Kyle Balda and co-directed by Eric Guillon; and it is written by Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio.

Gru, now an agent of the Anti-Villains (LAV) League, manages to thwart theft of Balthazar Bratt world’s most expensive diamond, but can not capture. Bratt was a former child actor who portrayed a young supervillain in a popular television series before the show was canceled as a result of puberty, this and its declining popularity led him to adopt his old person to become a real supervillain. As a result of the inability to capture Bratt, Gru and his wife Lucy are relieved of duty by the new director of AVL, Valerie Da Vinci.

Gru and Lucy reluctantly tell their daughters, Margo, Edith and Agnes his dismissal, but assure them that someday find new jobs. Most Minions Gru rejoice in his dismissal but leave (including their leader Mel) when he refuses to return to the villainy despite losing his job. Meanwhile, Lucy struggles to adapt to his new role as the new girls’ mother. The next morning, the family is approached by the butler twin brother of Gru, so long lost, Dru who yearns to know. Stunned by this revelation, Gru faces revealing that her mother after divorcing the father of Gru, agreed to hold a child each. The family decided to meet Dru and surprised his immense wealth that the butler attributed to his pig farm business. Dru quickly wins Gru’s family even though disturb the latter, because of his flamboyant personality. Meanwhile, the Minions are arrested after passing on a talent show and Bratt manages to steal the diamond once again, as it intends to use the diamond to boost your giant robot to destroy Hollywood as revenge for canceling his show.

While Lucy takes girls around the surrounding cities, Dru reveals his immense wealth Gru is because his father was also a legendary supervillain. As Dru was constantly crossed by his father as a misfortune, he went with his brother to teach him to be a villain. Gru is unwilling to return to their old habits and to persuade him, Dru takes you on a walk around the island in his father’s car, where the brothers meet. Meanwhile, Lucy tries to balance the generosity and the application of discipline as a mom away after a young man who flirted with Margo. While elsewhere, Mel and Minions exercise control among prisoners in the jail, but strange to Gru love and motivates them to escape from prison.

Having discovered that Bratt has stolen diamond, Dru convinces Gru steal the diamond as his last robbery, taking Gru secretly intended to bring it to the LAV to regain his job. Despite several setbacks, they manage to retrieve the diamond, but they are hit by Lucy who had followed before. After discovering the true motives of his twin, Dru confronts him for his lies, while Gru insults and abandons the mission. Bratt infiltrates the mansion masquerading Dru Lucy, kidnaps girls and, once again, takes the diamond, leading to Gru, Lucy and Dru to resolve their differences and pursue it.

With its powered robot, Bratt terrifies Hollywood. Having seen the show Bratt when he was a child, Dru follows that Bratt plans to recreate the episode where cuts Bratt Hollywood and uses inflatable bubble gum to elevate the city to outer space. Lucy salva girls as Gru and Dru Bratt weaken the robot with the weapons of his father’s car. Gru is knocked unconscious when the car is destroyed and Dru destroys the core of the robot from the inside when Bratt threatens to kill Gru. Meanwhile, Mel and intersect Minions Gru and decide to follow him even destroy gum as an aid Bratt. When Gru recovers, fight with Bratt in a “dance fight” ending with Gru trapping Bratt their own gum. Mel and Minions, having met and reconciled with Gru,

Gru and Lucy are reintegrated into the LAV and the newly united family celebrated in the house of Lucy and Gru is known for girls like her mother. But Dru and Minions Gru steal the car as a family tradition, although Gru and Lucy decided to give them a lead of five minutes and then go for them.

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