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3 Despicable Me ( Despicable Me 3 ) is an animated film of 2017 directed by Pierre Coffin , Kyle Balda and Eric Guillon . It is the third installment in the saga of which are part of Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2 .

In the original voice cast Steve Carrell, Kristen Wiig, Pierre Coffin, Miranda Cosgrove and Dana Gaier reprise their roles from the previous films while Elsie Fisher has been replaced by Nev Scharrel for the role of Agnes.

Cranes and Lucy continue to hunt down the villainsThis time they are in charge of capturing Balthazar Bratt, a supervillain who as a youth was a TV star of the ’80s, but once you’re in the age of puberty has lost its fame. Bratt try to steal a large diamond, but Crane is able to recover the jewel, however, making escape the criminal. For this his new and severe head of the anti crime alloy fires him with Lucy. Back home the two tell everything to Margot daughters, Edith and Agnes, there are very bad and Minion resign and go home, not accepting the fact that Crane does not want to do the villain. Added to this is the fact that Professor Nefario it is accidentally frozen with graphite. Meanwhile Bratt manages to steal the diamond with a ruse, while Crane and Lucy can not find work. One day at the home of cranes presents a man saying that he was sent by Dru, the twin brother of cranes, but the latter throws him out, saying he had a brother, but Ben showed him a picture of Gru and Dru as children. Crane goes from mother to ask her explanation and she explains that after the birth of children parents divorced and each took into custody one of the children: the mother and the father Crane Dru. Crane then part with the family to get to know her brother, but as equal to him only difference has a thick blond hair. The twins spend the day together to create a good relationship. Following Dru shows the brother of their father’s secret lair, the biggest villain of the story, very proud of Dru Crane but he considered a failure: this’ last he asked his brother to teach him how to become a super villain. After initially refusing Crane decides to steal the diamond from Bratt, with the intent to bring him to justice and get back the job back.

Meanwhile, the Minion, following a moped pizza, find themselves in a television studio and sing a song in a show of singers, but soon after they are arrested. Meanwhile Cranes and Dru go to Bratt’s lair, and after several hitches caused by Dru the two manage to escape with the diamond, but on the return journey Lucy lets it slip that want to deliver the diamond to justice to get back their jobs and what angers Dru: the two brothers quarrel and Gru decides to leave. Meanwhile, the Minions have become the masters of the prison, but one of them, Mel, remembers Crane and convinces the others to return to him, so they build a rudimentary aircraft with discarded objects and manage to escape.

Meanwhile Bratt disguises herself as Lucy, steals the diamond and kidnaps girls, pushing Cranes and Dru to make peace and work together. Meanwhile, it turns out that Bratt has built a giant robot with which to destroy Hollywood as revenge for the cancellation of his old TV show and the diamond he needed to shoot a deadly laser beam. Cranes try to defeat Bratt but fails and collapses, so Dru, to save his brother enters the robots and destroy the motherboard. Crane comes to his senses and beats Bratt in one hand combat in April, once done will meet with his brother, his wife and the girls, while Minion found them with the intent to never leave the crane. Cranes and Lucy still have their jobs and Dru has finally realized his dream of becoming a supervillain.

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