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Finding Dory ( Finding Dory ) is an animated film of 2016 , sequels and spin-offs [1] of Finding Nemo of 2003 , directed by Andrew Stanton , produced by Pixar and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures .

One year after the rescue Nemo, Dory begins to have fragmented dreams of his life before he met Marlin and Nemo, especially his parents. After hearing a Mr. Ray lesson on migration, where marine animals use instinct to return home, the Dory memories are triggered and you have the sudden urge to find her parents, only vaguely remembering living in “Jewel Morro Bay, California. ” Marlin, albeit reluctantly agrees to accompany Dory. With the help of Scorza, Dory, Marlin and Nemo ride the ocean current to California. Dory then wanders near a shipwreck, where the three are to escape a giant squid , which almost kills Nemo. Marlin blames Dory endangering Nemo: wound, Dory rises to the surface and is rescued by volunteers of Marine Life Institute.

Dory is sent to the quarantine section of the institute, where he meets an octopus named Hank. Hank want nameplate Dory, since it means that instead of being released from custody as the other fish will be sent to a permanent aquarium in Cleveland. Hank, as a result of a traumatic experience, afraid to live in freedom and wants to live in captivity forever, then makes a pact with Dory: to help find her parents in exchange for his plate. Through various clues and fragments of memory, Dory deduced to be born in the institute’s section called Alto Mare, then his parents have to be there. Along the road is aided by his childhood friend Destiny, one whale shark , and Bailey, a beluga which believes it has lost its Echolocation skills. After leaving his old house nell’espositore Ocean Open, Dory turns out that all the surgeon fish as you are transferred to Cleveland, so his parents should be returned to the quarantine. Meanwhile, Marlin and Nemo attempt to save Dory and are helped by a couple of sea lions , Fluke and Rudder, presenting them in a friendly but stupid loon named Becky. Becky makes them enter the Institute with a bucket and Marlin and Nemo pass through various exhibitors before finding Dory in the labyrinthine piping system of the Institute.

Together, the three are in the quarantine department, where they find the reservoir that holds the other surgeon fish. They explain that when Dory youth was sucked into the pipe system of the institute, his parents went to look for Quarantine but never came back, so probably died. While Dory is in shock, Hank tries to release her, Marlin and Nemo, but manages to recover only Dory. Marlin and Nemo in the end of surgeon fish tank, which is loaded in the truck headed to Cleveland. In the rush to escape, Hank accidentally knocks Dory in a sewer, leaving her alone again in the ocean. Having forgotten why he is in the ocean, Dory swims aimlessly until he comes upon a trail of shells. Recalling that her parents told her to follow a trail of shells to get home, Dory follows the trail and is reunited with his parents, Charlie and Jenny. They reveal that when they found Dory quarantined, deduced that she ran away into the ocean, so ran the institution and for years have left trails of shells in hopes that Dory the whereabouts and followed up at home. Happy to have found his family, who must save Dory reminds Marlin and Nemo.

Destiny and Bailey away from their exhibitors to help Dory to intercept the truck. They manage to temporarily stop asking otters to go on the highway and divert traffic. Destiny then launches Dory in the sky and the otters take it and bring it to the truck. Once inside, he tries to help Marlin and Dory Nemo to escape, but is accidentally left behind. With the door closed trucks, Dory convinces Hank to live in freedom is not so bad and Hank agrees to help her escape again. Working together hijack the truck and they do end up in the ocean, freeing the fish inside. Gathered, Dory, his parents, Hank, Destiny and Bailey return with Marlin and Nemo to live a new life in the Great Barrier Reef.

In a scene after the end credits, aquarium fish seen dentist in the previous film, still trapped in plastic bags, they manage to arrive in California, where they are “saved” by volunteers of Marine Life Institute.


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