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Millennium Actress Free Download English HD 720P DVDRip
Gen’ya Tachibana, the boss of a TV studio is willing to make a documentary film on the star of the past century, the famous Chiyoko Fujiwara, now seventy years old, and along with the cameraman Kyoji Ida reaches the home of this located in one place rather lost. In fact, the beautiful Chiyoko, after a long film career, he retired mysteriously anonymous. Once in the old woman’s house, Genya Tachibana, who had worked in the past with the woman, is carried by the story of the woman who mixes private life anecdotes related to his work, always more to confuse his personal experiences with the plot of all his films. The underlying theme of the story is teenage love blossomed for a young painter subversive on the run, she accidentally met. The young man, whom she housed and cared for in secret, leaves her a key that opens something very important, something that Chiyoko, however, says he wants to find out for herself. The two then promise to meet, even though the young man did not reveal neither his name, nor where to find it. Chiyoko become an actress, hoping the man will see it on the big screen and somehow get in touch with her. The story proceeds from age to age, from film to film, and fiction and reality intertwine continually, until you reach the final revelation of Chiyoko, who confesses that he realized that the key served to open the door of his memories, and that in fact what she really loved was chasing her desire for love.
Anime photographed in the style of “film in the movie”, and the plot was written in a complex narrative style.
The protagonist of Millennium Actress – director named Genya Tachibana, is working on a documentary about the famous actress Chiyoko Fujiwara. Studio, where she played raze and grown old Chiyoko long moved away from public life, but happy to cooperate with Tatibanoy. She begins to tell the story of his life from the beginning and up to the top glory. Her story is mixed with scenes of films starred Chiyoko, so that it becomes difficult to understand what the actual events of this and that – the script. Chiyoko life took place in turbulent times, and her character lived in the days of the Sengoku period to futuristic eons.
Chiyoko was born in the Great Kanto Earthquake , later in life accompanied by earthquakes all the culminating event. Child in 1930, Chiyoko helps the artist- dissident hide from the fascist government . Chiyoko falls in love with an artist, but he was forced to flee the next day, after leaving Chiyoko key to his suitcase with painting supplies. Chiyoko becomes an actress to be able to travel: she hopes to find the artist and give him the key.
Chiyoko chases her lover in all the films, which starred, and in life it is already a married woman can not refuse the constant chase. With the end of the story begins actress earthquake that hurt her, Tachibana Chiyoko takes away the hospital. On the way to the hospital Tachibana remembers a conversation with the police. He says that he caught the artist the next day after questioning Chiyoko, and tortured because he said nothing killed. Tachibana could not tell it Chiyoko many years. Directed by your service provider come to the House to say goodbye to the actress and her. There she says Tatibane that she loved very pursuit of the artist.
At the end of the film Chiyoko dying to catch the artist to continue in the next life.
Complicated nonlinear narrative and flashbacks and excerpts from films played Fujiwara. Tachibana and his cameraman also appears in the film, and Genya always plays as a defender of the heroines Chiyoko. Once he saved her in reality, even when I was inexperienced assistant at the studio. The operator does not play the same role, moreover, his camera stays with him.

The film is based on a historical reflection of changing times, some scenes reminiscent of ukiyo-e , others – films of Akira Kurosawa , especially Throne of Blood . Nevertheless, the narrative no references to other films. Instead, the director tried to create an overview of the history of Japanese filmmaking. Satoshi claims that up «Millennium Actress» he was not familiar with the historical cinema and learned a lot in the preparation of anime. In particular, he learned a lot from the history of a kimono [ citation 1114 days ] .

Alone Tiёko partially magazines izvestnыh actress x 1940 – 1960 x Sэtsuko Harы and Hidэko Takaminэ , poslednyuyu Satosi even spetsialyno intervyyuiroval. Tem is not me on nastaivaet Tom chto Tiёko not imeet opredelёnnogo prototype.

Millennium Actress Free Download English HD 720P DVDRip
Millennium Actress Free Download English HD 720P DVDRip
Millennium Actress Free Download English HD 720P DVDRip
Millennium Actress Free Download English HD 720P DVDRip

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