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World of Arrietty, O Mundo dos Pequeninos no Brasil) é um filme de animação japonês de 2010 dirigido por Hiromasa Yonebayashi, escrito por Hayao Miyazaki e Keiko Niwa e produzido pelo Studio Ghibli, baseado no romance de Mary Norton. O filme conta a história de Arrietty, uma pequena jovem que vive sob o assoalho de uma casa. Ela finalmente se torna amigo de Sho, um garoto humano com um problema cardíaco desde o nascimento que vive com sua tia-avó, Sadako. Quando a empregada de Sadako, Haru, resolve tocar o assoalho da casa, Arrietty e sua família devem escapar mesmo que isso signifique sair de sua casa amada. O filme traz as vozes de Mirai Shida como o personagem-título, Ryunosuke Kamiki como Sho, e Fujiwara Tatsuya como Spiller.
Released July 17 of 2010 in Japan , Arrietty received very positive reviews, praising the songs of the film, still being the biggest Japanese box office in 2010 . 2 The film won the Prize for Animation of the Year at the 34th edition of the Academy Awards in Japan . 3 On July 29th of 2011 was released in the UK under voiceovers performed by Studio Canal . As early as February 17 of 2012 is released in the United States and throughout North America by Walt Disney Pictures , under the dubbing stars of Disney Channel as Bridgit Mendler as Arrietty and David Henrie as Sho. Version American arrecador about 143 million dollars .
The story is set in Koganei , a town on the western outskirts of Tokyo and takes place in 2010.
Arrietty has now 14 years old, but it is not just a normal teenager. It is in fact a creature no more than ten inches tall and belongs to the race of prendimprestito ; lives with his family consisting of his mother and father Homily Pod under the floor of a large country house, where the “big” humans are unaware of their presence. The family of Arrietty feeds the waste of humans and it is usual to “borrow” (so to speak) the common objects left lying around or forgotten, who then “disappear” mysteriously, only to be re-used in a creative way by prendimprestito in their lives everyday.
The girl’s life changes abruptly, however, when he comes to live in the big house Shō. He is a boy of his age, who must spend a period of rest before a major heart operation to be undergone in a few days. Upon his arrival in the old house where his mother spent her childhood, Shō Arietty able to see in the garden while she was hiding behind a plant. Between the two, after the initial mistrust, there is a growing mutual curiosity that gradually becomes a deep bond that goes beyond simple friendship, despite the different dimensions and the ban imposed by humans to be seen by parents Arrietty .
The two boys tell each other their stories and Shō you realize you have unfortunately a common destiny to Arrietty. The over 6 and a half billion humans living on Earth have now driven the prendimprestito , the race to which he belongs Arrietty, which is doomed to extinction, probably a couple of Arrietty is the latest that still lives on Earth. Even though Shō has a sad fate: the prostrate years of illness, he knows that he can not overcome the heart operation that will be submitted.
Their furtive meetings do not go unnoticed, however, the lady Haru (home of the governed) discovers the presence of the family of prendimprestito , which is compelled to abandon the comfortable cottage that was formed under the floor of the big house in the countryside. This puts an end to the impossible love story between Shō and Arrietty and the two boys are forced to say goodbye. Shō from this brief encounter, however, has made ​​a new will to live that could possibly get him through the heart operation. Arrietty has another rather difficult challenge, finding a new way of living away from the comforts of human progress, but more close to nature, where perhaps his race will find new strength to survive extinction; so with his family followed Spiller, a wild boy of his kind, a few days before his father had rescued wounded in the leg.
The two boys will never meet more, but Shō will forever bear within them the memory of little Arrietty.
The story tells of the little people who call themselves “dobyvaykami.” They live alongside humans and enjoy human things as needed. Their existence is kept secret, because catching the eye of people means to them in serious trouble. One of these little people – young Arietti – notes 12-year-old Xie.
The story begins with the arrival in the house of a boy named Xie. The machine on which he was brought, can not pass because the road blocks car maid. While Aunt goes for a servant, Xie drew attention to the cat that preys on someone’s grass. Cat repel crows and prey size is tiny girl. Consider it carefully Xie does not have time, but still understands what he saw.
The girl returns to her small house, located in the basement, where there will be live Xie. Arietti lives with his parents: his mother is very emotional and impassive father, providing all the necessary family. This evening Arietti must first make a sortie with his father and become a true “dobyvaykoy.”
Arietti met and made friends with Ce, despite the ban parents. But their secret yet been disclosed curious maid Haru and small dobyvaykam will move to a new location.
In the final film Arietti goodbye to Ce and sails with his family and a family friend – Spiller in search of a new place.

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