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Little Mermaid Free Download English and Hindi Dual Audio
The Little Mermaid is a film of animation of the year 1989 , based on the story of the same name by Hans Christian Andersen , produced by Walt Disney Pictures and directed by Ron Clements and John Musker .
It premiered on November 17 of 1989 in the United States , Canada and Mexico , and was the only film in history whose date of world premiere lasted almost 800 days (over two years) between the Avant Premier and its release in Japan the January 30, 1991.
It’s the twenty-eighth film in the canon of animated feature films The Walt Disney Company and in the list of The Walt Disney Classics . It became a success giving rise to a new golden era for the company, and was followed by other hits like Beauty and the Beast , Aladdin and The Lion King , traditional film and presentative of the first half of the 90s, the which ended with the movie Tarzan , in the year 1999.
Ariel is a princess mermaid 16 years of age who is not entirely happy with his life under the sea because you’re curious about the world of humans. Together with her ​​best friend, Flounder the fish, Ariel collects human artifacts and often goes to the ocean surface to meet Scuttle a seagull , that tells about the human world albeit unwise to reality. She ignores the warnings of her father, King Triton, and his adjutant, crab Sebastian, who tell him that the contact between the sirens and human is forbidden. The truth is that the idea Ariel dreams of becoming a human being and so to live in this world with the man of your dreams that has so excited.
One night, Ariel, Flounder and Sebastian travel to the ocean surface and witness the celebration of the birthday of Prince Eric on board a ship. I hardly see a few minutes, the little mermaid falls in love with him. Suddenly falls a storm and the boat capsizes; Ariel manages to save Eric, who are unconscious before drowning in the depths. After take to land, the young man performs a song but the melody stops to realize that the prince should not see her when she wakes. When he recovers, is fascinated by the voice I had heard before and try to determine the whereabouts of the wreck who rescued him, but is unsuccessful. Ariel returns to the ocean but is now more convinced of wanting to be part of the human world.
Triton realizes change behavior so Ariel asks Sebastian about it, finding out that her daughter is in love with a human. King furious and confronts young right in the place where she and Flounder have been conserving human objects. Given his annoyance, destroys everything in its path with his trident. When will Triton, the eels Flotsam and Jetsam pass near there and persuade the little mermaid to visit Ursula the sea witch, which could help you become human. Interested in such a proposal, Ariel comes with Flounder Ursula the shelter along with the mysterious pair of eels.
Upon arrival, Ursula learns of her situation and offers to make a deal to make it human for three days in exchange for her voice. Ariel agrees and after a spell will grow legs and his voice is captured by the witch, the guard among their belongings. After three days, Ariel must receive the kiss of “true love”, ie Eric, or else be doomed not only to return to be a mermaid but to live as a polyp in the cave of Ursula, but actually Ursula it aims to use Ariel for his father and take his place and become the new ruler of the seas. At all times, Ariel is aware of this condition and agrees to sign the contract after translation in human, Flounder then out to the surface.
Eric Young is on the beach and takes her to his castle unaware that she was the one who had rescued the night of the wreck. Then the young unable to talk to him several times passes beside the prince. At the end of the second day almost kiss but do not interrupt Allied eels witch who does not really want to receive the kiss. Ursula concerned about the nearly successful Ariel decides to disguise himself as a human and takes the name of Vanessa, and to use the extracted voice of Ariel. Its aim is to aparecercele Eric believes he was the one who rescued her from the wreck and hex him to fall in love and marry her. The prince immediately recognize the timbre and Ursula enchants, and thus forgets contrairá Ariel and married her. Thus he dismisses Ariel Ursula unable to comply with the agreement in their agreement.
The next day, Ariel finds out that Eric will marry Vanessa and Ariel is saddened by what happened but Scuttle discovers that the latter is actually Ursula so it tells the sad Ariel. When he realizes that the witch tries to make it fail in His covenant, Ariel goes to the wedding location onboard a ship. Meanwhile, Sebastian warns of what happened to Triton and Scuttle disrupts the wedding with the help of various animals.
Amid the chaos, Ursula Ariel loses her voice that kept stored in a necklace on his chest and manages Ariel back. Also, the spell he had cast on the prince, which he recognizes again Ariel breaks. Although Eric kisses her at that moment, it does time and again become Ariel mermaid. Meanwhile Ursula recovers its shape and aquatic witch kidnaps the young to carry it to his cave. Triton arrives on the scene and confronts Ursula demanding that he release his daughter, but the witch shows that the covenant made by both is unbreakable but offers the king to change his place by Ariel and become their prisoner polyp with such her daughter is free.
King willing to do anything for her daughter, agrees to the change. By doing so, lost his trident and crown of king of the ocean, which are immediately taken by Ursula, who is declared as the new ruler of the sea. Coupled with this increase in physical monstrous proportions.
The witch creates a storm with a big swirl with which he hopes to sink the ship where are Eric and Ariel. However, Eric manages to maneuver the ship and position it so that it can crash the bowsprit of the ship against the abdomen of the gigantic witch. In the end, the crosses and Ursula dies generating a kind of smoke, which Triton and all the other prisoners recover their original shapes. Triton, king of the ocean again, he realizes the love he feels for his daughter Eric, so make it accepts human so you can live with it. In the final scenes, the wedding of Ariel and Eric briefly seen aboard a boat.
Differences with the story [ edit ]
The film has several differences from the original story by Hans Christian Andersen . One of the most notable is that in the play the characters do not have names, while the Disney version of itself. In addition, the book explains in detail certain scenes that the film ignores or simply does not detail completely. This could be because the tone for the book is considerably more sinister than adaptation. One is the scene in which Ariel is turned into human legs and erupt. In the book, the young Andersen describes experiences excruciating pain when his tail fragments to give rise to the extremities, to drink the potion to become human that the Sea Witch has given him. In the film, Ariel is not perceived that complain of any pain during the transformation process.
Another difference is that in the story, Andersen sees in his work that the mermaid had to make him fall in love with it to the extent that the prince completely forget their parents. Otherwise, she would die. Although the prince loves her, her true love is the young who rescued him from the wreck, who had to go to a distant monastery. The prince then she wants to find it first, and if not succeed marry the mermaid. Meanwhile, the film shows that Prince Eric Ariel does not know who to find on the beach as it has no voice with which to recognize their savior.
Another excerpt from the book speaks of the prince travels to another realm and to get there is the young who rescued him from the wreck, so asks her to marry him just two meet. In the film, turned into human who pretends to be his saving her voice that took the Little Mermaid Eric Ursula encounters. However, although plans are in a moment to marry her in the end the prince discovers the truth and marries Ariel, having managed to regain his voice itself to breaking the spiral pendant Ursula. Originally, the mermaid in the original book never manages to get his voice and is persuaded by her other sisters mermaids to assassinate the prince once it has rejected. For this give a knife to promise that, after killing the Prince, you can return to the aquatic world with his family to regain both strange and mermaid shape. However, when the mermaid comes to kill the prince while he sleeps, he is unable to do so because her love for him so instead she throws the knife into the sea and then she throws herself into the sea ready to die disappearing always in Depth Charges sea while herself becoming foam sea. The book ends with the mermaid spirits being converted by a kind of good fairy protector of the air jet for children. In the film, this is omitted and instead the end has a more heroic and happy tone when Eric and Ariel achieve murdering witch and Triton convert access to his daughter in human so she can marry him and live happily. You may also notice the absence of the daughters of the air
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Little Mermaid Free Download English and Hindi Dual Audio


Little Mermaid Free Download English and Hindi Dual Audio


Little Mermaid Free Download English and Hindi Dual Audio


Little Mermaid Free Download English and Hindi Dual Audio
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