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The Lady and the Tramp ( Lady and the Tramp ) is the 19 th feature film animation and 15 e “Classic animation” of Disney . Released in 1955 , it was adapted from a story by Ward Greene , Happy Dan, the Whistling Dog , published in 1937 .
The Lady and the Tramp is a milestone in the history of Disney for several reasons: it is the first of their animated feature films to use the image format CinemaScope (2,55:1), used from 1953, and enjoy the stereo sound (four channels), if attempted with the exception Fantasia (1940) in ”  Fantasound  . ” However, few rooms are still equipped at this time to CinemaScope, he was fully returned format 1.37:1 . This is also the first film distributed by Buena Vista Pictures Distribution , a company created in 1954 by Walt Disney to no longer be dependent on other film groups (Disney was previously distributed by RKO Radio Pictures ).
The story is also marked by the presence of singer Peggy Lee , who, in the late 1980s, the studio justice assigned successfully for compensation on the sale of video cassettes of the film holder not provided for in his initial contract. The singer was followed by other professionals, and contracts have subsequently been modified to avoid this type of trial.
A sequel titled The Lady and the Tramp 2: Call of the street is output directly to video in 2001.

Jim Darling ( Dear in the original version) and his wife, Darling, live in a house in a quiet small town in New England . One Christmas Eve, Jim offers a young dog cocker spaniel his wife who named Lady. Jim seeks to educate the puppy, but her tears and perseverance make Lady get to sleep at the foot of the bed of his masters, which becomes a habit. At the age of six months she receives a necklace with an engraved plaque. The neighborhood includes several other dogs, Jock, a Scottish terrier , and Caesar, an old bloodhound Saint-Hubert 1 , the latter having, according to Jock, lost his sense of smell. A little later, a stray dog nicknamed “Tramp”, spends his time looking for food in the shops and help his friends caught by the pound.
One autumn day, Lady asked about the changes in behavior of his masters. Jock and Caesar suggest probable cause the birth of a baby. Tramp, who was passing by, then reveals to Lady when her masters have a baby, the beautiful life she leads will come to an end. If Jock and Caesar choose to ignore the bastard, Lady wonders about its future and its place in the house. The baby is born in the spring and other changes occur: Lady now takes second place despite some attention.
When Aunt Sarah, owner of two Siamese , just take care of the household and baby while the couple goes on a trip, it was Lady who is accused of misdeeds of two cats. Aunt Sarah takes Lady to a shop to buy a muzzle. Lady and then fled, after wandering in the city, finds help and comfort from Tramp. It defends three dogs who pursued. To help Lady to release his muzzle, he takes her to the zoo. Tramp then pretended to belong to a polyglot to distract from the zookeeper. Once inside the park, two dogs looking for a way to release Lady. The monkeys are of no help, the alligator tries to eat the hyenas laugh. The solution comes with the beaver that cuts muzzle that Tramp has sold him as a harness.
Lady released, then Tramp boasts his life of freedom with a family every night. He offers dinner with Tony, the Italian restaurant whose chef is called Joe. Tony, who called Bandito, it installs a table for two and the couple used a plate of spaghetti and meatballs. Tony and Joe then engage in the interpretation of Bella Note accordion and mandolin. Both dogs then eat the same spaghetti and kiss. They wander in a park like lovers and fit their feet in a heart at the foot of a fountain. Both dogs spend the night at the edge of the park overlooking the city. The next day, Lady and Tramp leave town and play scare chickens, but Lady is caught and caged at the pound. She finds among other Pedro, Boris and Peg who teach him the weak point of Tramp, known to be a careless runner bitches, but also doom dogs from the pound. With its collar, the goalkeeper Lady makes its masters. Returned home, Lady is found attached to its niche in the garden. Jock and Caesar try to comfort her. Tramp happens then, but his humor and good mood annoy the other three dogs. Jock and Caesar leave, but Lady, furious chases.
The storm broke and that is when a rat enters the garden and baby in the house directly into the baby’s room. Lady barking wake Aunt Sarah the sum to be silent, but are also back Tramp. Warned of the danger to the baby, Tramp enters the house, goes upstairs and fights against rats. Lady manages to detach the chain and follow Tramp. The rat goes on the cradle, overthrown by Tramp, causing the baby’s crying. The room is upside down, but the rat is dead, killed by Tramp behind a curtain. Aunt Sarah then enters the room and surprises Tramp and Lady and the cradle overturned. It encloses Tramp in the closet and called the pound after putting Lady in the cellar.
This is when the officer impounded Tramp share with the baby go home, terrified. Short lady in the room and watch the rat under the curtain. Jock and Caesar, ashamed of having misjudged the bastard, decided to go save Tramp before he was killed and run to the pound, but the lack of flair Caesar seems a handicap especially when it has to pass through several puddles . They still manage to pound before the arrival of the wagon carrying Tramp and cause an accident, flipping the vehicle. Just after the car engine Cheri Lady arrives with his board. But the overturned cart wounded Caesar. The story ends with the following Christmas, when Lady and Tramp, gathered at Jim and Darling Darling, welcome Jock and Caesar Christmas Eve with their four puppies, three females and one male as Lady as Tramp. At the request of the youngest, Caesar tries to tell a story, but can no longer remember what he said his grandfather.

Lady and The Tramp Free Download English and Hindi
Lady and The Tramp Free Download English and Hindi
Lady and The Tramp Free Download English and Hindi
Lady and The Tramp Free Download English and Hindi

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