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Chicken Run Free Download Dual Audio English and Hindi BRRip
Chicken Run , entitled Chicken Run in Latin 1 and Chicken Run: Chicken Run in Spain , is a British animated stop-motion 2000 studies made ​​by Aardman Animations films that produced the Wallace and Gromit , winners Oscar. Set in Yorkshire , England in 1961, the film follows the adventures of a group of hens in their eternal attempt to escape from a farm until they are in their way with an awkward rooster named Rocky who promises to help them escape.
Ginger is a bold, brave and determined hen that lives in much the same farm to a prison camp in World War II (As the field of Auschwitz ), led by Tweedy despotamente: a couple of grumpy middle aged remain in the business of sale and distribution of eggs and kill the chickens that are inefficient for your business.
Ginger seems to be the only one willing to challenge and often organizes escape plans with her ​​friends hens. Unfortunately, the plans always fail or are discovered in time by Mr. Tweedy (Goofy fat farmer, has a physical resemblance to Adolf Hitler but fatter), who to punish the act, Ginger locks in a dumpster to make it happen a lonely, come to find out that chickens are organized confinement, but his wife does not believe him and considers him a crackpot.
After the failure of his last attempt and death of a partner, Ginger falls into despair, as even her friends Bads, Mac and Bunty come to doubt the possibility of escape; Additional rats assistants Nick and Fetcher refuse to continue helping chickens that have not been paid for eggs in exchange for their services. Sola devastated and in a state of sadness, Ginger makes a wish: “Heaven help us.” He then falls Heights a flying rooster. Mrs. Tweedy get tired of staying in a low economic status and is inspired by a magazine article to start a new business.
Inside a chicken coop, a rooster wakes up scared and upset, besides discovering that hurt his wing to make a hard landing. A Ginger excitedly asks if the rooster can fly, which affirms and just appearing with the name Rocky, leaving exposed all the chickens, Fowler least, the only one rooster farm. Inspired by the appearance of the flying rooster, Ginger finds that escape the flying farm.
Rocky is not happy to hear the news, and try to escape the farm; Ginger begged him to stay, but the cock does not listen until a circus truck is parked on the farm. Ginger realizes that Rocky is the circus, and blackmailing the two establish a deal: If Rocky teaches them to fly, Ginger will hide the Tweedy until its wing recovers.
Excited to be one step from freedom, chickens obey all Rocky, but the rooster just puts strenuous exercise and workouts that do not help at all and seems to be more determined to have fun and relax. This attitude makes Ginger develop a resentment towards the cock. After conducting a count in which Bads was not killed by farmers although stopped laying eggs. Ginger meets all suspicious activities Tweedy as the arrival of strange boxes and food duplicate, reaching one conclusion: the farmers are planning to kill all the chickens on the farm.
The news shocked all and Rocky tries to make organizing a party with the help of Nick and Fetcher. Amid the celebration of his wounds Rocky healthy completely, try to say something to Ginger but the two are interrupted by strange noises coming from the house of Tweedy. Inside the house, Melissa Tweedy tells her husband she is no longer willing to be poor again, and reveals that his plan is to get into the industry pastry using your machine programmed for this task. Mr. Tweedy decides to test the machine with Ginger and takes the hen.
However, Rocky learns the rescues happened and Ginger machine, where together they damage it from the inside. Ginger gives the news to appease their partners but manages to reveal that Rocky is recovered and therefore can show them how to fly the next day. Rocky is seen as a hero by all the hens, even Fowler apologizes to the cock. That same night, Rocky is again something to tell Ginger but silent after the hen shows her appreciation to confess his dream to live freely with her friends.
At the dawn of the new day, Ginger prepares all the chickens for show, but things take a tragic turn when Ginger devastated comes with a piece missing poster Rocky showing the cock being driven by a cannon, revealing that never was able to fly and as a result the cock farm hands. Pained by deception, the hens begin to touch the madness to tip each other, but are stopped by Ginger shown interested in the past of Fowler. The proud rooster tells them that was airline pilot in his day. With these stories, Ginger is inspired to a new escape plan: to build a plane.
With nothing to lose, hens first taste of working in a team, with eggs and paying the required materials to Nick and Fetcher rats, chickens are filled with new hope. However, Mr. Tweedy unable to repair the machine and following the orders of his ambitious wife, the farmer is prepared to take all the hens, discovering them in the construction of the aircraft. Helplessly, Ginger and her followers attack Mr. Tweedy and prepare the plane for his escape.
By intervention of both farmers takeoff goes wrong, but when all seemed lost. Rocky reappears saving Ginger Melissa and manages to raise the plane in the sky. Rocky and Ginger reach the plane thanks to Christmas lights stuck in the plane. Unfortunately Mrs. Tweedy also tries to board the plane in the same way that chickens, and consequently their weight begins to make the plane fall. Ginger decides to cut the lights to release the plane, but among the frenzy falls directly to Mrs. Tweedy who apparently decapitated but Ginger is the winner by showing that what you got was the cable that connected the plane. Mrs. Tweedy lands in the emergency valve of the machine, causing it to explode. Mr. Tweedy somewhat sarcastically berates his wife not to have heard, and doors of the house crush women.
And safe and on high Rocky Ginger kisses. A few days later revealed that chickens live in a sanctuary for birds. While both Nick and Fetcher rats begin to discuss the theory of the chicken or the egg until just confused. The outrage from among his controversial issue involved asking make Rocky silence. Which rats make insulting but just quietly, proclaiming himself to be the stars of the film.
The story unfolds on a chicken farm , organized by the type of a Nazi concentration camp. Hens must lay eggs every day, so as not to become dinner for his masters. Such a life to them, of course, long been tired and under the leadership of an adventurous and indefatigable Ginger chicken they plan to escape from the chicken coop. But all their attempts failed, and for each of them Ginger as a particularly unruly chicken was punished.
But once in a henhouse appears Rocky – cock that can fly. He promises to help make haggard hens awaited and a daring escape from a chicken coop. And if chickens learn to fly, they will easily be able to leave the hated prison-farm!
Meanwhile hostess farm, Mrs. Tweedy decides that the eggs – it is not the best way to make a profit. She buys a monstrous machine whose input is fed chickens, and the output produced pies with chicken. Time to organize the escape of chicken has less …
Ginger take the meat pie for trial. However, Rocky makes a poor chicken and temporarily stops the operation of the unit. Tweedy thinks that her car broke klutz-husband (he did not know how to use it), Mr. Tweedy. Meanwhile Ginger chicken learn from what they – the future meat pies. The next day, Rocky was missing, and in addition it turns out that he actually flew not itself, and using guns, besides also escaped from the circus. Chickens need to run away! They are building a plane with tools Tweedy (local rat Fetcher and Nick give them for eggs).
Meanwhile, Rocky, riding on a bicycle nearby, saw the billboard “chicken pie from Mrs. Tweedy.” And Tweedy has already repaired the car. However, the plane takes off (with Rocky). Mrs. Tweedy tries to stop the plane, but the pererubaet rope that hangs and falls in own shed in a cauldron of boiling gravy. From excess pressure boiler explodes along with part of the house Tweedy.
Meanwhile, the plane landed at the bird sanctuary, in which people entrance is closed, and chickens hatching and Rocky and Ginger become a couple. Rats who were traveling with chickens, decided to get his farm, but can not decide what to take first: the chicken or the egg …
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Chicken Run Free Download Dual Audio English and Hindi BRRip
Chicken Run Free Download Dual Audio English and Hindi BRRip
Chicken Run Free Download Dual Audio English and Hindi BRRip
Chicken Run Free Download Dual Audio English and Hindi BRRip
Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio Files)
Movie Size 300MB
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