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Toy Story 2 Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed
Toy Story 2 – Woody and Buzz to the Rescue ( Toy Story 2 ) is an animated American of 1999 , directed by John Lasseter , Lee Unkrich and Ash Brannon , produced by Pixar and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures . The film was subsequently remastered in 3D and was released in U.S. theaters on February 10, 2010 (like Toy Story ).
It is the second film in the series of Toy Story , the sequel to Toy Story – The World of Toys ( 1995 ) and repeats the same characters from the first film, adding new ones.
The film begins with Buzz Lightyear that reaches the planet enters the fortress where Emperor Zurg . Avoiding alarm systems and traps, try to remove the source of energy for Zurg (a battery ), but it arrives, and the two fight until Zurg Buzz hits to the head, killing him with one shot. After a short laugh of evil Zurg, it turns out that it was just a video game (dedicated to Buzz and his adventures) who was playing Rex the dinosaur, which has lost and can not wait to be able to defeat Zurg and finish the level.
Meanwhile, Woody has to start with Andy for a summer camp in western theme, but the child, playing before the start, breaking his right arm sheriff. Andy reluctantly decides to never play more with his favorite toy. Abandoned on a shelf in the middle of the room with dust and no longer used toys, Woody sadly think that, now that he has his arm almost torn, the young master set it aside forever. In confirmation of his fears, on the shelf meets Wheezy , a penguin toy that has long had broken his whistle, adjusted and there never forgotten.
Upon returning from summer camp, Andy’s mom decides to set up a flea market in front of the house where he sells things no longer used, including Wheezy and other old toys of the child. Andy entered the room, Wheezy takes to put it on sale for 25 cents.
Woody, riding Buster, Andy’s dog runs at the market and saves Wheezy, but soon slips from the dog’s back and falls to the ground. There, a dishonest seller and toy collector named Al McWhiggin, Woody sees and recognizes him as an old toy of great value, so he asks his mother to Andy to sell it. She refuses, so he decides to steal it, but to possess it. Buzz, in an attempt to save his friend, gets a fake feather fall from the car thief. Following a survey carried out by the friends of Woody, you discover that the kidnapper is the man who, disguised as a chicken, its supermarket advertises on TV: “The Farm Toy Al.”
At the home of Al, Woody makes acquaintance with a cowgirl named Jessie , a horse named Bullseye and a gold prospector named Stinky Pete, who is still in its box never opened. The three tell him that he was a very famous toy Woody, in fact, with them, was the hero of the cartoon puppets “Woody and friends of the West.” The series was very successful, but was abruptly canceled in 1957 due to the space launch of Sputnik , which diverted the general interest of the children from toys to those on the west space. The three new companions also tell Woody that now that the collection was complete, Al would want to sell it to a well-known toy museum in Tokyo . Woody, however, categorically rejects the idea of leaving Andy to go to a museum and tells them that it would be fixed soon (in the meantime, in fact, Al had accidentally unplugged the whole arm Woody and therefore had called a conservator for the repair) would return from his master. The other toys, then, say that Andy would grow up soon and he would be forgotten forever, while the museum would be forever a famous toy admired by hundreds of children. In the face of these considerations harsh but true, Woody decides to agree to the departure for Japan.
Meanwhile, the search continues for Woody from Buzz, Rex, Slinky, Mr. Potato Head and Hamm. Seek him in the shop of Al, where the Space Ranger discovers an entire department on whose shelves are exposed to other Buzz Lightyear, the most modern of him with a belt and anti-gravity. Buzz then tries to take the belt to his fellow man, which, however, convinced that the other was a deserter, and traps him in a box and puts it on the shelf. Then, the false Buzz joins the friends of Andy and part with them in search of Woody.
Listening to a phone call from Al, the toys discover his sinister plan, and take refuge in the bag collector to his house. Al, however, left the bag in the car, so the fake Buzz and friends will have to endeavor to get out of the car by opening the door and get to the apartment of Al, through the elevator shaft (for 23 floors) and then the duct for the air conditioning. Even the real Buzz, which in the meantime has released, reaches them.
Once in the apartment, Buzz is a Woody who refuses to return to Andy because otherwise his friends from the west end up in a warehouse. So Buzz, Rex, Slinky, Mr. Potato Head and Hamm go away and leave his friend, but Woody warns them that he changes his mind and wants to reunite with their convincing Jessie, Bullseye and Stinky Pete to go with him, confident that Andy will would be welcomed. Stinky Pete, however, that longs to be part of the toy museum in Tokyo, does not want everything to go upstream and prevents them from going out, finally coming out of the box and blocking the grille of the air conditioning duct by screwing the screws with the pickaxe.
At the meanwhile comes and puts Woody, Jessie, Bullseye and Stinky Pete in the suitcase and goes to the airport. Buzz rejoins the others and together they run the lift but there they encounter a toy Zurg who fights against the false Buzz, until he claims to be his father (quoting the famous scene from Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back ). When the fake Buzz seems on the verge of dying, Rex accidentally hits Zurg with his tail and knocks him from the elevator, being satisfied to have finally defeated Zurg, not only in the game but really.
Leaving the palace of Al, Buzz and the others are separated from the faux Buzz, intent to make peace with Zurg. Then steal a van pizzeria “Pizza Planet” where they meet three aliens (similar to other aliens in the car with the crane appeared in the previous film), and the lead heading to the airport. Once there, climb onto the conveyor rollers and come to the case where Woody content. Freed Woody, Stinky Pete, that threatens even death to the sheriff, is finally neutralized and put in the bag of a little girl with a doll Barbie . Bullseye is also free, while Jessie is still in the suitcase and boarded the plane, but Woody and Buzz, riding Bullseye, unable to save her.
Woody, Buzz and the other friends, along with Jessie and Bullseye, returning home at last and Andy came back from summer camp, is surprised at the sight of new toys, gifts that he believes the mother. Wheezy has even been repaired, and so the film ends with him singing Got a Friend in Me with all his friends.
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Toy Story 2 Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed


Toy Story 2 Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed


Toy Story 2 Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed


Toy Story 2 Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed
Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio Files)
Movie Size 133 MB
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