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The Lion King Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed 300MB

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The Lion King Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed
The Lion King (original title in English : The Lion King ) is the thirty-second animated film produced by studios Walt Disney . Its premiere was on June 24th of 1994 . The plot, based on the tragedy Hamlet , by William Shakespeare , one revolves around a young lion of the African savannah named Simba, who learns what his place in the “Cycle of Life” by fighting against various obstacles to become the rightful king.
The film has an eponymous version of musical theater whose songs were written by composer Elton John and lyricist Tim Rice . The soundtrack, by Hans Zimmer , won a Tony in addition to the Oscar of the Academy for Best Original Score next to one of his songs. The film also won the Golden Globe for Best Film – Comedy or Musical .
Simba ( Matthew Broderick ) is a cub lion and successor to the throne of the jungle, something he does not like his uncle Scar and so prepares a plan to occupy the throne. With the help of three evil and foolish hyenas, Scar concocts a ruse in which his brother, King Mufasa ( James Earl Jones ) dies and causes Simba believe was his fault and decides to flee to the forest after the three hyenas would kill him too. There he meets a meerkat named Timon ( Nathan Lane ) and to a warthog named Pumbaa (Ernie Sabella), he adopted and also to befriend, teach philosophy to live without worries: Hakuna Matata . Meanwhile, his uncle Scar, Mufasa’s funeral and his son Simba takes the throne and announces the birth of a new era.
Years later, Simba and Pumba rescues adult being eaten by a lion . This turns out to be his old childhood friend Nala , who asks you to recognize again to regain the throne. The kingdom has become a real nonsense, badly governed without food or water. Simba, who at first does not want to give up their current lifestyle, engage in conversation finally accepted after a baboon named Rafiki ( Robert Guillaume ), who tells him about his father. At that moment, the soul of his father appears in the sky, telling him to remember who he is and where it comes from. After the soul disappears Mufasa, Simba, along with Rafiki, reflects on what he should do so immediately notify your home to claim the throne.
Simba, who at first all confused with his father, is witnessing the decline of the kingdom and decides to act angry. This is the moment when Scar forces Simba to reveal the secret he kept all those years being responsible for the death of Mufasa. Even when Simba claims that it was an accident, Scar fail, and along with his hyenas, takes him to the edge of a cliff. At that time, thunder falls on dry grassland and starts a fire. Simba slips and is holding, with his front paws over the edge. Scar then taking their legs and then confesses that he was the real murderer of his father. Full of rage Simba jumps on Scar and forces him to confess publicly, betraying and blaming the hyenas of his plan. After a final battle, in which Scar ends up being killed by the raging hyenas, life cycle ends with the ascent to the throne of Simba, with the final kick of an epilogue, in which Simba and Nala and Rafiki marry presented to new and future successor to both (Kiara).
At first, The Lion King was titled The King of the Jungle . 2 As in one of the first films, Bambi, animators studied real animals for reference, and some of the directors traveled to Kenya to observe the natural habitat be shown in the film. 3
The significant use of computers in the film helped the creators present their vision in an innovative way. The most obvious use of computer animation sequence shown in the “wildebeest stampede”. Several different on wildebeest characters were created with 3D computer program, multiplied into hundreds, treated to look like drawn with random trajectories down the slope to simulate the real, unpredictable movement of a herd. A similar multiplication occurs in the musical number “Be Prepared” with identical hyenas moving. 4
For a moment The Lion King was considered a secondary project to Pocahontas , as both were occurring simultaneously. Most of the staff preferred to work at Disney Pocahontas believe that of the two, was the most prestigious and project success. 5 While both films were critical and commercial successes, The Lion King received more positive reactions and higher benefits Pocahontas . 6 7
At the same time the film is a classic version of Hamlet of Shakespeare , where the plot is the same, although the outcomes and the end are different and various passages that develop the story alternately; the theme of the prince who is to avenge his father killed by treachery of his own brother and uncle of the protagonist ( Hamlet ) and subsequent exile and the ghost of the murdered king urges take control of the kingdom. A nod to Shakespearean tragedy occurs when, in the middle of one of his “songs, soliloquies,” Scar holds a skull in his grip, as does the character of Hamlet in the graveyard scene.
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The Lion King Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed


The Lion King Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed


The Lion King Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed


The Lion King Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed


The Lion King Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed
Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio Files)
Movie Size 293 MB
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