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Shrek Movie Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed
Shrek is a digital animation film of 2001, directed by Andrew Adamson and Vicky Jenson. It is based on the children’s picture book Shrek! , by William Steig ( 1990 ). The film won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature and participated in the official selection at the 2001 Cannes Film Festival .
One day the ogre sees fairytale characters invading your home, who were placed there by the evil Lord Farquaad. Meet a talking donkey, and together they decide to go see Lord Farquaad to vacate his swamp. Lord Farquaad says he will but only on one condition: to bring Princess Fiona, rescuing her from a castle surrounded by hot lava and guarded by a dragon. Shrek accepts the deal and part donkey in search of the princess. Arriving at the castle, donkey is responsible for distracting the dragon, who falls for him. Shrek rescues the princess and flee leaving the sad dragon.
On the way back, Fiona and Shrek begin a friendship. One night, donkey will see the princess but finds an ogress, he confused with Shrek but the ogress Fiona confesses he is the spell that had since childhood. They talk a while, tells you just kiss your true love would take its true form, and referring to it says that no one could love such a hideous beast. Shrek, who had only heard this, she thought she was talking about him and disappointed decides not confess his love. The next morning, when Fiona Shrek greets, he shows angry and indifferent, she wonders why his reaction and he replied that he had heard ‘everything’ and that indeed no one could love an ugly beast. Shrek, with that comment, he felt very bad about the alleged refusal by Fiona.
The ogre goes in search of Lord Farquaad to give to the princess, then he does not want to see more. She meets Lord Farquaad and is surprised his short stature and arrogant attitude. Shrek gets his swamp scripts to relive only agrees to marry Fiona and Lord Farquaad before dark so you do not notice its spell.
Shrek returns to his swamp, Donkey follows him and tells him that he can not let him remove to Fiona, who must fight for their love, he tells her that she does not want, which considers it a horrible beast, but clarifies that donkey it is not him who were talking. Shrek realizes the misunderstanding and decides to go for Fiona. donkey unexpectedly called to the dragon and fly to the church where the wedding was held. Upon arriving, Shrek interrupts and clear todo.Cuando Lord Farquaad was about to kill Shrek and Fiona, comes the dragon, donkey over and devours Lord Farquaad. Regardless of the ridicule of people, including the kiss of true love give Fiona thus being transformed into an ogre forever.
The hero of the story, Shrek is an ogre . Therefore, he is considered by his contemporaries as big, stupid, ugly, and especially dangerous. He lives in a swamp and likes to be alone.
When Lord Farquaad, the ruler of the country “Duloc” all mythical creatures sells and it relocates into the bottom of Shrek, includes this with the Lord a trade off: He must his swamp back for himself alone, if he succeeds, the beautiful Princess Fiona to break free from her tower guarded by a dragon. Farquaad promises thereby secretly marrying the princess who would make him king.
For this mission, Shrek is accompanied by a talking donkey. Together experience the two very different creatures different adventures. That be both Shrek and Fiona and Donkey and the dragon lady fall in love, makes the task any easier. Shrek knows at this time that Fiona after nightfall itself becomes the ogre.
By a big misunderstanding Farquaad wants to marry the princess but what Shrek but can prevent last minute with the help of Donkey and Dragon.
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Shrek Movie Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed


Shrek Movie Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed


Shrek Movie Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed


Shrek Movie Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed
Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio)
Movie Size 302 MB
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