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Monsters Inc Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed
” Monsters, Inc. “( English : . Monsters, Inc. ) is a 2001 ‘s American computer-animated comedy from Pete Duo Kete , directed by Pixar Animation Studios production, Walt Disney Pictures release, Lee Angkeliqi and David Si Woman served as deputy director. Monster monster movie revolves around two major hire company’s expansion, a scary number one expert James · P · “Sully” Sullivan ( James P. “Sulley” Sullivan , John Goodman voice), he is a big head and covered covered with blue hairy monster; another is Sally’s assistant and best friend Mike Wozuosiji ( Mike Wazowski , Billy Kristol dubbing). Their job is to turn一扇night reached through a door with special features into the children’s room in the human world from the world of monsters to scare them, because the children’s screams could be the source of the monster world needs energy. But for the monster, the human child is said to be very dangerous and deadly, just lightly touch on what can be lethal, and the outbreak of a wide range of infections. So when a human child into the monster world due to accidental opportunity, Mike and Sally have risked “life-threatening” send her back.
Duo Kete from 1996 began to develop the film, he and Jill Ku Erdun, Jeff Pidgeon and Ralph Eggleston wrote this story together. Pixar veteran director Andrew Stanton and playwright Daniel Gilson co-authored the screenplay. In the five years of the film production process, its role has undergone repeated modifications. Technical team and animators have discovered a new method allows more realistic fur and fabric. Compose music for Pixar previously produced three animated films Randy Newman once again return to the creation of the soundtrack for the film.
Before the movie release, Lori · Madrid ( Lori Madrid ) Pixar sued to the court, saying that the latter had stolen their ideas; After the movie release, Stanley Maus also sued Pixar piracy own character design. But ultimately the former two cases were dismissed, the latter reached a settlement. Although there is such a storm, but after the “Monsters, Inc.” on November 2, 2001 release in both commercial or comment on a very successful global box office more than 562 million U.S. dollars [1] .
December 19, 2012, “Monsters, Inc.” With 3D re-issue form. Its prequel ” Monster University “by the Dan Scanlon directed, June 21, 2013 release.
Monsters live in cities are all monsters residents, the city’s power supply is provided by Monsters, Inc., the source of power is the human world of children’s screams. Monster’s “scared commissioner” will use the closet door for the media, the human child at night to sneak into the bedroom scare them and collect their screams. As the monster generally believe that human children have toxic whole body, so you can just gently touch its doom look so scared Commissioner’s work is also considered very dangerous. However, due to human children seem to become more and more daring, such as electricity production began to decline, the company president Henry · J · Waters North III ( Henry J. Waternoose III ) are determined to find a solution. The best results monsters scare commissioner named James · P · “Sully” Sullivan, he and his assistant and best friend Mike Wozuosiji live, another scare commissioner, shape and chameleon Similar Randall Boggs ( Randall Boggs ) has been runner-up in Salinas and therefore under long-standing grudges. Time to go to work that day, a man named George Sanderson ( George Sanderson unexpected shock Commissioner) will be a child’s sock brought back, the company immediately enter a state of emergency, “security” sector “Child Detection Agency” ( Child Detection Agency , referred to as CDA ) fall from the sky, the George and body hair shaved comprehensive “sterile.” And Mike in the morning could not be completed on time because there is always a written report by the company clerk Rhodes ( Roz ) reprimanded.
After work, Sally stumbled Landauer一扇have activated the door left in shock floor, the door appears to be intended to use it to get extra points frightened. Unexpectedly think a human little girl opened the door and entered the facility, which can be put Sally scared. He tried to get back the little girl, but did not succeed, so she hid under a panic bag to hide, Landauer then open the door over nothing, then turn the send back. Mike is the United States and the company receptionist Celia ( Celia Mae ) appointments, the latter’s birthday that day, Mike asked her to a town famous sushi restaurant. Sally did not take long to come for help, Celia was very unhappy little girl then drilled out from the pack, restaurants Therefore chaos, CDA take a helicopter to the scene and carried out a large area of isolation. Sally and Mike disarray successfully brought back the little girl, she did not find the whole body covered with “toxic.” Sally quickly in love with this little girl, and gave her the name of “cloth” ( Boo ). The next day, two strange monsters trying to put the company into cloth, cloth back Mike tried her door, but in this ambush plan to kidnap the Landauer cloth, tied Mike was wrong.
Mike Randall brought to the basement, Sally also followed and to, that Landauer produced called “scream extractor” ( Scream Extractor ) the torture machine to forcibly absorb the screams of children, This will bring the company’s operations in a manner monster revolution . Mike Randall ready for when torture, Sally stopped him to Walt Northrop reported Landauer and done. Unexpectedly think, Waterford North and Landauer is a group, he put Mike and Sally banished to the Himalayas , kidnapped cloth. Two blame for snowman shelter, who told them nearby village, Sally immediately realized that the company can return to the monster in the closet door through the village, but Mike does not think so, he felt that his situation is Sally opinionated wrong, So hit the road together and Sally refused. Sally returned alone to Monsters, Inc. and screaming from the front of the cloth but extractor rescued by the Landauer attack, when Mike came back, he complained about the strange relationship between the two and suffered, and finally threw a snowball fight to Sa Lee, but accidentally hit the Landauer stealth and save Sally.
Landauer behind in hot pursuit, Mike and Sally fled into the company with a cloth gated warehouse, where hundreds of millions of gates, and great laughter cloth brings instant energy activation of a large doors, three strange monsters and therefore kept between the company and the human world to chase back and forth. After the cloth overcome their fears and help Sally subdued Landauer, two strange to Landauer and thrown into a door in the door broke, Landauer big day a man came to the house, the home of the boy not only not afraid of him, I thought he was an alligator and called her mother to impose on the beat.
Sally and Mike finally found the cloth door, but the door is moved to Waterford North scream floors, large groups of CDA agents will be surrounded here. Mike initiative devoted to divert the CDA ‘s attention, then Sally and her door with a cloth together to escape an angry North Water found in hot pursuit after. Finally, in the two strange Waters North count in simulated room admitted his plan to kidnap the child of a large number of human plans. Final CDA arrested Walter North, he cursed Sally allow companies from across the desk. CDA ‘s in charge 001 number turned out to be agents Rhodes, she has done in this two and a half undercover , trying to find the monster that exists within the company action plot. Sally and Mike and cloth farewell, she was sent home, and then also next door cloth Lodz command is shattered. Sally became the monster’s new president, and according to their own experiences and cloth together, he came up with a monster city save energy crisis new programs.
Monster’s business plan has changed, although the same is now the monsters in the closet at night through the child’s bedroom door into humans, but they are just going amused children, because children are far better than screaming laughter energy contained. To this day, said Mike Salisbury send a gift, and he closed his eyes so that the latter went to a door, the door had been shattered his door and fight together piece by piece, Sally is still preserved in the hands of the last a piece as a souvenir, but when he put a piece back in place, the door successfully activated, he went to see the cloth, his face could not suppress a smile emerges.
The story takes place in Monstropolis, a city inhabited by all sorts of creatures. At the heart of the city lies the plant treatments child cries energy for the city. Monsters travel daily in children with closet doors to collect their precious cries.
Jacques Sullivan (Sulli said) is, in the eyes of all the inhabitants of Monstropolis, a real “terror elite.” Assisted by Robert Razowski (aka Bob), a funny mini- cyclops green, Sulli has not his equal in horrifying toddlers. This great monster known as stun and petrify person without ever touching, since any physical contact with a human child would be fatal. But times are tough for the duo of terror: children screaming as easily as before and the city is on the verge of energy crisis.
One day, while he cares for papers for their manager Germaine, Sulli is a closet door was left alone in the deserted factory. Then he enters the room, he discovers that it is empty, and soon realizes that the girl who lives there followed him into the world of monsters. While Sulli is terrorized by little, as he believes that human children are toxic, it is not at all frightened by the monster and soon nicknamed “Kitty”.
Sulli then asked for help from Bob. The two friends set out to return the girl home, but in the meantime Sulli ended up taking a liking to the girl, he has dubbed “Boo,” according to the cry she pushes play when it hides. After Boo dressed in baby monster, they are introduced into the plant to find the door. They discover that Leon challenger Sulli in the competition for the best terroriseur, takes children into the world of monsters to submit to a machine that automatically extracts their cries; Sulli and Bob, always accompanied by Boo, attempt to prevent the president Monsters and company, Henri Waternoose. However, they come with full demonstration of the best way to scare a child, and the President asked Sulli show his talents in the field. Horrified by the sounds of Sulli, Boo starts crying, revealing that she is a girl. Waternoose, carrying Boo, promises to get things back in order, but soon discovers that he is an accomplice of Leon, because he wants to refloat the company. It exile Sulli and Bob in the Himalayas. With the help of the Abominable Snowman they met, the two friends manage to regain Monstropolis, where they arrived in time to rescue Boo.
Bob, Sulli and Boo then introduced into the reserve gate of the company in the hope of finding the door to Boo. Leon chases of Sulli among the millions of doors, eventually catching and tries to kill him. This triggers the wrath of Boo who jumps on the back of Leon and knocks him with a baseball bat recovered in the room where they are entered. Sulli is thrown through a door, behind which is a caravan. We then see a mother beat him mercilessly, confusing it with an alligator. Afterwards, Sulli and Bob destroy the door and pass through trickery to record a full confession of the president. Germaine reveals that she is a prominent member of the Agency for Detection of Children, a group that deals with human contact, and is Waternoose take. Sulli and Bob must resolve to bring Boo home, and after a heartbreaking farewell, his door is crushed. Sulli simply keeps a small piece of memory door.
Some time later, Sulley becomes president Monsters and company and radically transformed the company. He discovered through Boo laughter of children is ten times more efficient than their cries of fear and now sends monsters to make children laugh.
Bob Sulli reveals a secret project on which he worked: he reconstructed piece by piece Boo’s door, and through the final part Sulli What kept, it can work again. The final scene of the film shows the entrance to Sulli’s room Boo. We do not see the little girl, but we hear say “kitty”, the name she used to call Sulli.
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Monsters Inc Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed


Monsters Inc Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed


Monsters Inc Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed


Monsters Inc Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed
Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio Files)
Movie Size 288 MB
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