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Kung Fu Panda 2 Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed
Kung Fu Panda 2 is an animated film , sequel to the 2008 film, Kung Fu Panda . Its director was Jennifer Yuh Nelson , with most of the original voice cast, along with some new characters. The film was released on Friday, May 27, 2011 and was originally going to be named Kung Fu Panda 2: Pandamonium .
This story began long time ago, in ancient China , when the peacocks benevolent ruled the city of Gongming. They brought peace and prosperity in the town inventing the famous fireworks . 
But their only begotten son, Lord Shen , he saw fireworks in a power much darker, so long as to transform what had brought color and joy in something of dark and destructive. Desperate for the behavior of their child, the rulers went from an elderly soothsayer, who revealed to him that, if he had continued to Shen that dark path, would be defeated by a warrior black and white (a panda.) 
The evil peacock then he ordered his band of wolves to kill all the panda’s kingdom for groped to change so his fate. Stained with this horrible crime, however, Shen was banished from Gongming by his parents. Before leaving the city, he vowed that he would return, and that day the whole of China would have bowed at his feet.
Thirty years later, Po, the Dragon Warrior, protecting the Valley with the help of the five cyclones, or Tiger , Monkey , Viper , Crane and Mantis . One day Po, as he tries to get as many ravioli as possible in the mouth, is called by the master Shifu in a cave near the Jade Palace. There, he reveals to the panda the next phase of his training that is of finding inner peace, as he had done the day in which Po had become the Dragon Warrior. 
During the conversation, Tiger breaks however, reveals that Po in a pack wolf is to the village to steal the metal to build the weapon Shen. Once the rescue of the villagers, Po and the five cyclones are able to drive out the bandits, but just when Po is throwing the last ball, and notices a strange symbol and has a vision of his mother, who abandoned him as a child. The wolf takes advantage and hits him running away with the metal. 
Having had this recollection of his past, Po goes to the restaurant from his father, the goose, to ask him about it. Mr. Ping , begins to tell him the truth: in fact the Po, when he was little, he was found by him in a basket of radishes, which then decided to adopt it. 
Meanwhile, the city of Gongming, supervised by master Thundering Rhino (a rhinoceros ), Ox Enraged (an ox ) and Croc (a crocodile ), Shen brings his weapon, a cannon, and kills Thundering Rhino, capturing Enraged Ox and Croc and taking possession of the city.
The news also comes to the teacher Shifu, Po and in which order to save Gongming cyclones. Before leaving for the city, the panda meets his father, who convinces him not to go because he could not come back. Tiger, however, reassured him, promising him that his son will return. 
During the adventurous journey the heroes find themselves traveling on a raft, where Po dreams of being replaced by his parents with a radish and also reviews the symbol he had seen previously. Thus seeks to find his inner peace, as suggested by Master Shifu, but can not find it. And now the heroes have come to Gongming. 
The diviner, held in custody by Shen, tells him that he will be defeated by a warrior black and white. The forecast seems to come true when she met the wolf comes Po warning his lord existence of a panda. In the city, the Po and the five cyclones go unnoticed disguised as dragon New Year and release a sheep from the attack of one of the wolves, who reveals to them that the two masters Croc and Ox Enraged, are locked up in the prison of Gongming. Then go there, but the two heroes are not going to fight against Shen, otherwise it will shave the ground the city.
While Po tries to convince them, they are surprised by some wolves, and thrilling car chase between him and the leader of the wolves in the streets of the city, are all prisoners and brought in front of Shen. In front of the peacock, Po and cyclones manage to escape the weapon with the help of Mantis, but the panda does not know why he is destined to defeat the peacock. 
During the fight between the two, Po discovers that the symbol dreamed for days was actually the coat of arms of Shen and again sees his mother who abandoned him. Taken back by the distraction, lets slip Shen Po, who tries to destroy the castle where the heroes are trapped now. 
Due to the suggestion of the Tiger, manage to escape and take refuge from the roof of the prison Gongming, where Tiger asks for explanations on the Po Shen because he let escape. Po does not want to say it to him and after a few failures to go, Po reveals that the peacock was present the night his mother abandoned him and that he knows exactly who he really is and where it comes from. At these words, Tiger embraces Po, and forces him to remain in jail for not seeing him die.
The diviner meanwhile, is still trying in vain to stop Shen, but he does not want to know and exiles.
Cyclones try to blow up the base of Shen, but are forced to interrupt their plan when they discover that it is within to fight Shen Po. Once face to face the panda asked for an explanation of what had happened on that night when his mother left him. Shen mind, telling him that his parents did not love him and abandoned him, before shooting with his gun. Po is hit and thrown away in the river but is saved thanks to a metal cover that cushions the blow. 
panda is found and cared for by the diviner, who invites him to not resist the nightmares that are actually memories: Po remembers that during the attack on the panda by order of Shen, and his parents were forced to abandon it to keep him safe from death. The diviner reveals that Shen will be defeated by a warrior black and white like him, telling him not to give any importance to the past, but to find out who really wants to be. Po finally decides to go back to the Ming Gong, where his friends are imprisoned and are being executed by Shen and his fleet prepares to conquer China.
Po heroically comes with a hat in place freeing his friends, who try to stop the ships, even with the help of Croc and Ox Enraged, released from prison and convinced by Shifu, who was also present at the battle, to help the heroes. 
When the battle seems to have won for Po, Shen ordered the leader of the wolves to shoot, but the wolf, not wanting to hurt his companions, he refuses. Shen, after killing him, a cannon exploded, wounding all the fighters. Shen starts off with his fleet, and Po is set on a capsized boat in the bay as the last bastion. The peacock orders to fire on him. Thanks to the discovery of his inner peace, Po manages to fend off blows, destroying the remaining fleet. The panda reaches Shen to convince him to forget the past, as he did. But the peacock, furious, ignores him and, after a short fight, dies crushed by his own weapon. 
Eventually Po returns home from Ping, decided to stay there. But he does not know who his real father is still alive.
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Kung Fu Panda 2 Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed



Kung Fu Panda 2 Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed


Kung Fu Panda 2 Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed
Movie Language: English and Hindi (Dual Audio Files)
Movie Size 286 MB
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