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Bambi 2 Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed 300MB

Bambi 2 is a full-length animated film production Disney , theatrical which premiered on January 26 2006 in Argentina . Cartoon shown in cinemas in 25 countries, but in Russia, USA, UK, Canada, China, Japan and many other countries it was released as a publication direct-to-video (lit. lane. with Engl.  – “direct to video” ) bypassing the big screen. Despite the name, “Bambi 2” – not a sequel, and the so-called midkvel , which is set in the time interval between the beginning and end of the first cartoon “Bambi” , released in 1942 .

The work on the cartoon (as a consultant for animation) participated famous Disney animator Andreas Deja , is one of the key figures in the creation of such cartoons as ” The Lion King ‘” Beauty and the Beast ‘” The Little Mermaid “and” Aladdin . ” Directed and co-author of the story – Brian Pimental – also in the past worked on scenarios advanced Disney cartoons of the 1990s .

During the first week after the release of “Bambi 2” in the United States has sold over two and a half million DVD-discs with animated . In Germany, the film won the prize FBW , and 11 February 2007 cartoon was awarded the “Annie” in the category “Best Home Entertainment Production” . In addition, “Bambi 2” set a record interval between the release of the original film (1942) and its sequel (2006).

The plot of the cartoon adventures are anthropomorphic animals, first and foremost – the fawn Bambi, whose mother was killed by a hunter earlier. Burden of parenting has to take on the Grand Duke Forest – Bambi father, who had at first not happy this perspective and offers Uncle Bambi Council find a new adoptive mother. But time passes, and the Grand Duke begins to realize that Bambi is not “some” brat, and his son. Like in the cartoon in 1942, all the heroes of animals anyway opposed unnamed and impersonal man , whose only purpose – hunting on forest dwellers using semolina, traps, rifles and dogs.

“Bambi 2” develops many unsold or were in the original tape rudimentary ideas at the same time eliminating the gaps of the original plot. One of the priorities of the creative team who worked on midkvelom was the preservation of style and artistry of the first “Bambi”.

On winter forest dusk falls. Bambi left without a mother trying in vain to find her mother and instead meets the Grand Duke – his taciturn father, who gives him to understand that my mother did not come back. Exhausted deer with his father returns home, but it seems that the Grand Duke can not permanently take on parental responsibilities. He asks others to spring Filina find Bambi a new foster mother, but until then still agrees to look after her son.

The first morning with no luck – the little fawn not afford everywhere to follow his father, Grand Duke decides to leave Bambi with his old friends – and a little hare Stomper skunk Flower. Together they go on holiday Groundhog where Bambi meets old friend again fawn Falin. Groundhog holiday breaks suddenly appeared Ronno – boastful and not very friendly deer teenager. Trying to attract attention, he tells the others that he (man) is trying to hunt forest dwellers increasingly sophisticated ways. But it seems his story no one takes seriously, and resentful Ronno tears anger at unsuspecting Bambi.

Failed holiday ends and the inhabitants of the forest to their homes. Bambi just left without a mother and father abandoned, left alone. Of despair, he wanders through the woods and in the end, tired and exhausted, falls asleep under a tree. Bambi dream summer and dead mother, convinces him that even if he can not be with her, they will always be together. Her last words – “I’m here …” Bambi wakes up, and what he hears? – “I’m here … answer me …” – beckons Bambi familiar voice. Is mom back? Bambi quest leads to that same meadow, where at one time he shot his mother. Hope and curiosity prevail over common sense, and Bambi emerges from the forest into the open. Exposed the terrible truth – the story was not fiction Ronno and alluring voice is nothing more than another ploy as his bloodthirsty. On the opposite side meadows approaching hunting dogs, but Bambi constrained by fear and unable to escape. Barking dogs and screaming crows hear the Grand Duke and without hesitation rushes to rescue his son. Dumbfounded, Bambi watching his father battle and dogs. In the most visible reflection of the optical sight – Grand Duke understands that more can not linger, and with Bambi flees. Bambi with his father returns home. Meeting with the hunter killed it last hope to see her mother alive. Night rain began simultaneously symbolizes the lost hopes, and early spring.

Bambi spring
The next morning, the Grand Duke, remembering yesterday’s misadventure leaves son at home. Frustrated Bambi trying to find a way to prove to the Grand Duke that he is worthy of his father’s attention. Together with flowers and Stomper he searches for a suitable base for training his courage – such habitat becomes old and grouchy Porcupine (or, according to Bambi and his friends, “Braz Wild”). Hoping to attract the attention of his father, Bambi comes with a grumpy old man in a skirmish. Alas, instead of the desired result Bambi gets a portion of sharp needles.

Meanwhile Ronno tries to convince the painter in his exceptional courage and fortitude. However, the painter much more interested in martyrdom yelling repeatedly given river. Going to cry, Falin detects Bambi, which each needle obtained from the porcupine seems delivers excruciating pain. Ronno did not miss an opportunity to once again Bambi reproach of cowardice and timidity. Brewing quarrel, but prefers to fight Bambi fleeing. Once on the edge of the cliff, Bambi appears before a choice – to join with angry Ronno into a brawl or jump; Bambi chooses the latter. On the other side of the cliff, he meets with his father, who is extremely unhappy that Bambi traveling through the woods unattended. But the discontent is quickly replaced by surprise – father delighted that a very small Bambi could jump over a ravine. Finally, the Grand Prince wakes love and parental feelings. But he did not intend to abandon the earlier decisions and transmits new foster mother’s son – Mina. Together with her Bambi goes on a journey to his new home.

Great Prince and Bambi
On the way Bambi Ronno rising again – this time, his behavior is too challenging, and between calves fight begins. The fault of Ronno Mina falls into another cunning trap him. “Courage” Ronno lacks only the cry, “Mommy!” Bambi decides to divert attention hunter himself. Dogs trying to drive into the trap of a fawn, but Bambi, remembering his father’s advice, get rid of his pursuers. Fatal accident on Bambi breaks into the abyss – the Grand Duke came to the rescue understands that late. Fawn comes to mind, with his father and son are reunited again.

Screenshots of Bambi 2

Bambi 2 Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed 300MB
Bambi 2 Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed 300MB
Bambi 2 Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed 300MB
Bambi 2 Free Download English and Hindi Dubbed 300MB
Movie Language: English and Hindi( Dual Audio Files)
Movie Size 224 MB
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